Wednesday, February 2, 2011

~ Zuma Blitz Tips: Abandoned Paradise ~

I love Dizzy Corals.  I actually scored over 1.8M!!!  And needless to say, I remain a gold medalist this week. It was a close game!  There were many days when I was #2, but at last, I prevailed.

This past week, Zuma Blitz had a little update which include a new break down for the score.  It's really great to analyze if your power ups help you and what you should do more.  Given this information, I determined that clearing a curve gives me a decent amount of points.  So, whenever I get the Hot Frog, I try to focus on one track to clear it.  It was fairly easy to do with Dizzy Corals because of the short inner track.  See the 648K for "Specials"?  Half of that was from clearing the curves.

This week's track is a lot longer than last week's Dizzy Corals!  I named it: Abandoned Paradise.  It reminds me of the anime Origins - Spirits of the Past.  The tracks are long!  They are so long and can be filled with so many balls that one of my laptops slow down when I played it!  Such a pain!  But, the tracks are closed to each other so bombs work well here.  Also, get ready for some gap shots.  Just let focus on 1 track first and let the other fill up.  Then, work on a hole in the track to get the gap shots.

The fruits are in the upper right hand corner and the lower left hand corner.  They are fairly easy to get and bombs will help.

If you are a fast shooter, you may want to use the Sun Frog.  It's fairly easy to clear the curve with 5 fire balls.  Just sweep from right to left for the bottom track and left to right for the top track.  Pretty awesome. 

This is my score so far.  It's a busy week with Chinese New Year and all so I may not play as much.  Unless someone beats my score.  BRING IT :)


David said...

What an awesome score! I am still struggling along with the laptop mouse pad, but have managed to eke out a high score of 660,00 on last weeks board :( I have the colourblind setting on to compensate for my colourtardness too, but still nowhere near a million! What's worse is I must have put 15 quid in the pockets of popcap buying idols over the last few months.

Anyway - happy Year of the Rabbit to you. My girlfriend is Chinese English and we shall be off to the Chinatown festivities in Manchester this weekend :)

Joyce said...

Just get a mouse! they are so cheap nowadays :) Love my $15 one....

I bought stuff on groupon through fb so I had credits to buy idols ... it's ridiculous how easy it is to blow through 800 idols....

enjoy the festivities at Chinatown! :)

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