Saturday, February 19, 2011

~ Won Ton Party ~

My friend made some won tons a while ago and it was so awesome that we made her teach us how to do it. are the ingredients:  black mushrooms (optional), pork, shrimp, and yellow chives.

So, we chopped up everything, added oyster sauce, white pepper and egg... and I forgot what else.  By the way, don't use ground pork.  It's better if you chop the pork yourself.

We got 2 kinds of skins.  One is Hong Kong style that's yellow....

And one is Shanghai style in white.  I think they taste the same, but some people prefer the white ones. 

Look!  Do they look cute?  I think this one looks like a butt :D

Some of us made pretty ones.  It's easy!  But it did take a few tries...

Like.... some of these didn't turn out so nice... but it's ok.  Because they are all going to look the same after they are cooked.

See?  Yum yum!!!  It's awesome to make food together with friends!  And the won tons were so good that we ate all of them.  Didn't have any leftovers!  Crap, I forgot I am not suppose to write about food at night.... now I am hungry!

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lisa said...

yummm!! these look so nommy joyce :)!

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