Monday, February 14, 2011

~ Unique Sushi at Ziki Japanese Steak House in Gaithersburg ~

Happy Valentine's Day!  It's our first Valentine's Day as a married couple and guess what we did!   Eat!  Yes, that's it.  Eat.  We were even too tired to dress up, but it's ok.  My husband took me to eat sushi and I am happy as long as I have sushi.  So, he took me to Ziki and it was super crowded!  Good thing there were seats at the sushi bar which is next to the liquor bar.  Pretty?  By the way, this is my first HDR picture.  Just testing it out....

 Anyway, we come here fairly often and we order this every time!  Though I don't know the name of it.... we just ask the chef to give us the "broom".  It's tuna I think with toasted soba noodles around it, tied with seaweed.  It's so crunchy and good!

Underneath the roll is mango salad.  Everything goes so well together.

We ordered the P & R roll and spicy salmon roll.  Look how pretty!

This made me feel so special :)  The spicy tuna roll was very good!  Not too spicy which is awesome because I am not supposed to eat spicy food right now. 

This is the sashimi combo.  This is the coolest sashimi combo I have ever had!  And it has a great variety of sashimi and some of them I have never had before.

Everything was fresh and yummy.  I ate all the octopus :)

I don't know what this is... but it was yummy and pretty!

This was taken with the flash so everything is clearer.

Since we sat at the sushi bar, we could sneak a few more pictures of other patrons' dishes.  Look at that uni.  The fish to rice ratio here is pretty awesome.

Eel and salmon hand roll....  So fresh!  If I wasn't so full, I would order one for myself.

Ziki is in Rio, but off to the side....a little bit past Kohl's.  They have hibachi grill too and a nice bar with great happy hour.  Can't wait to go back.... Next time, I have to remember to save room for the fried cheesecake...


Beth said...

That. Looks. DELICIOUS! :: drools ::

InsideOut Elle said...

your food posts drive me nuts b/c I want to visit them all ^^ The sushi looks so good!

Also I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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