Thursday, February 10, 2011

~ New Swarovski Crystal 2011/2012 Spring Collection ~

I can't believe it's time for morew new Swarovski crystals!  It seems like this is the season for hearts!  I loved the wild heart pendant from the last collection and I love all the hearts from the new collection too!  Though I am surprised they didn't release these in the last collection, in time for Valentine's day. 

Colors and Effects

I guess this is not really a new color, but a new effect.  It's called Amethyst Blend.  The purple color fades to a light amethyst color within the crystal.  It looks like the gradient direction is not fixed for each shape.  Very fluid and organic.

This pretty light green is Chrysolite Opal.  These translucent soft green crystals will be perfect for romantic spring pieces.
Guess what?  More metallics!  This time, it's bronze, officially Crystal Bronze Shade.  It looks like a very cool color and would be great for more gender neutral accessories.
Another blend color:  Topaz Blend.  I am not sure how I feel about this.  I work mostly with silver and I usually picture brown with copper or gold findings. 
Another romantic color for pearls.  This is Crystal Vintage Gold pearls.  It's a soft color and  I can't wait to play with these!


Interesting... official Swarovski beads with big holes and stainless steel centers.  I think this will fit on pandora bracelets.  This one is BeCharmed Helix bead 5290.  I love helix beads.  Very sparkly!

Another big hole bead and this time it's the Briolette cut, officially the BeCharmed Briolette bead 5940. 

This is an interesting name... the Stairway Bead 5624.  I usually don't care for cubes, but this one is pretty.  It's supposed to resemble a stairway to a stage. 
This is not a bead, but I am just putting it in this category.  Check it out!  It's a star flat back (2816)!  Stars are awesome! 

I can't believe they actually named this Crazy 4 U Heart pendant (6260).  Not sure how I feel about this one...

I like this shape and there's finally an asymmetrical pendant!  But, the name is still weird!  Devoted 2 U heart (6261)??  Are they trying to attract teenagers?  
This one is really cute.  It looks young too, but at least the name sound better:  Truly in Love Heart (6264). 
This pendant has a similar shape as Truly in Love and it's called Forever 1 Heart (6263).  What is with these names???  This one has a matte line down the middle.   Supposedly, this is supposed to resemble two hearts getting glued together.  But I think it looks like a broken heart. 
This one has a funny name too: Miss You Heart (6262).  This one would make a fun pendant with ribbons or just tie some chain around it.
I like this one, Organic Cosmic Triangle (4736).  I always like these pendants with the big holes, but I don't know what to do with them.  But, I will get one just to please my inner bead hoarder.

Ok... I will try to control myself and not get one of everything in every size in every color. Wish me luck!


Lyn said...

Lovely pieces I cannot wait to see what you do with them :0)

An Inquiring Mind said...

You'll have to hole me back too from ordering all those new colors and heart shapes! :)

Chloe said...

OMG star flatbacks!!! Can't wait to bling up things with those! I wish they could include a heart flatback...

The Beading Gem said...

It IS really hard not to order every color and in every size! Been there, done that!

InsideOut Elle said...

ahh your Swarovski collection posts always excite me ^_^! I'm not crazy about the new colors...for me the new heart shapes are definite standouts in this collection. Truly in Love and Miss You are so cute! The other names seem so juvenile tho :P

Joyce said...

i know!!! these names are ridiculous!

Jewel said...

Does anyone know where to get these new products?

Joyce said...

I don't think they are out yet... probably in march :)

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