Thursday, April 30, 2009

~ Awesome Design Blog ~

Yesterday, I stumbled upon this blog called do designs. I forgot how. I think it was through blogcatalog. I love it!!! It shows all these awesome designs like furniture, shopping bags, and more! All very innovative, original and some are just so funny!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Ok...this bookmark will be perfect for thrillers.....

I would love a bedroom like this!!! This is soooooo cool!!!! Definitely need to sell more stuff at my Etsy shop so I can afford a house like that :)

This makes the layout a lot clearer....

This will be great in my new dream house:

This is smart. The rain water from the umbrella waters the plants!

I would love to carry these around...

How funny are these tea bags! And it's practical too!

There are a lot more cool stuff on this blog. I hope you will take a look :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

~ My Treasury: Ariel's Wedding ~

Ariel is my 2nd favorite Disney princess.  I wanted to be a mermaid after I saw the movie.  I also think Ariel is one of the reasons why I like to dye my hair red.  So, this week, I am featuring things I would love to have for my wedding, if I am Ariel.  Or, if I am having a beach wedding

I would love a beach wedding, but the planning and getting people there and the heat may be a problem. Besides, my little brother is getting married on the beach next month. I can't copy him. I'll just have to hide my jealousy really well... :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

~ Asian Fashion ~

I am fortunate enough to be able to travel to Hong Kong about once a year, where I fulfill all my shopping needs. Imagine two 35 lb suitcases full of clothes and girly toys every year, all for under $800.

One day, within a few years, I won't be able to do that anymore. I will have kids and they will be clinging to me and .... no more shopping sprees in Hong Kong. When that happens, I will be shopping on They carry the trendiest brand from Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and more! Dresses, coats, shirts, jewelry, purses, belts, PJs and even men's clothing. Here are some of my favorites...

It's definitely more expensive than buying stuff in Hong Kong. But, I won't have to buy a plane ticket, so that evens out right? There is free shipping for $150 purchases, too. The only annoying thing is, of course, returns, which will incur international shipping costs. We are so spoiled with free returns in the US. If I buy something in Hong Kong, chances are good that I can't return it. So, I am OK with the return policy.

I have gotten a coat from YesStyle before. It is really pretty and different from everyone else's coats. I have gotten a lot of compliments when wearing it so I am happy with them and will buy from them again ... later ... when I am not spending all my money on supplies.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

~ Momo and Friends ~

Momo has been hanging out with lots of new friends lately! First, he went to Black Hills National Park and met a bunch of wonderful ladies and a golden retriever named Lucky (as documented here). Then, he met my fiance's nephew recently and had a great time with him. One thing that I was very proud of is that he didn't bite at all. Not when the baby pulled on his fur or slapped him a few times. He didn't even growl.. Good boy :)

Today, I took him to meet someone more massive. Her name is Bear. I don't know what kind of dog she is, but she's easily ten times Momo's size. She is the most gentle thing in the world though. She drooled on Momo a little bit, but ignored him most of the time. He must seem just like a little pest to her. Momo was respectful and she's the only dog he has met but not humped hehe. They will get to know each other more later. Momo will be staying with her while we go to Caicos and Turks Island.

Here she is, walking away from Momo.

This is all part of the effort to socialize Momo with other animals and children. He needs to learn to respect others, specially unintentionally mean children. I think he's doing well! In other news, he pooped on the floor 2 days in a row after being good for a month. *sigh*

Friday, April 24, 2009

~ Sneak Attack: Kanzashi and More ~

Yay another sneak attack!  Handmademovement has grown since the last time I sponsored an sneak attack!  A few Sneak Attack Fanatics has come up with a new idea...

Quote from the website:
We're dedicating certain items in our shops to Sneak Attacks - the money from the sales of those items goes directly to purchasing from future Sneak Attack "victims". It runs on the honor system, but as one person said, "there's a lot of very honorable people here!" Each item has "Sneak Attack Support Item" in its title, and a brief explanation in the item description. It's also tagged with "SA Support". That makes it easy to find the special items - just search for SA Support under All Items.

There's a wide range of items offered, in a wide range of prices. Check it out! Not only can you buy a special item just for you; you can also have the satisfaction of knowing you're helping out new Etsy sellers.

Isn't that nice??  So, for today, all money from sales in my shop will go to SA Support.  I haven't tagged anything in my shop yet because I haven't had time.  But, I will!

Anyway, there was a little bit of drama this morning.  One of the shops I picked out went on vacation!!!  Thank goodness Julia found a similar shop for me.  From now on, she's my Etsy directory.

Shops are listed! We have 2 great shops with variety of items!  First up is SecretLolita.  She specializes in Kazashi hair accessories.  I love them!

Next we have YaneShops.  This shop has a combination of magnetic bookmarks and baby products like these:

I hope you like the shops I picked out.  Please support the sneak attack by spreading the word about it, keeping the forum thread alive and/or purchase from these fabulous shops!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

~ The Amazing Licia of LiciaBeads ~

When I first started on Etsy, I met Licia of LiciaBeads in a chat room. We both sell jewelry so you may think we will be mortal enemies. But, Licia was very kind and even showed me how to take better pictures. She invited to to Awesome Chicks of Etsy and are always patient with me when I ask her questions about Etsy business and jewelry making techniques.

I bought earrings and earwires from her before as I blogged about here. I ran out so I got some more. In the short 2 months since I last ordered from her, she has opened her own supplies store and continued to build her jewelry store. She's like ... my Etsy Idol.

Here's what I got from her this time. Love the packaging:

Here are some of the things I would love to get from her one day.......when I deviate from my Swarovski obsession...

Look how great her pictures are!!! You just look at it and you know it's hers. So, I just want to say I love her shop and she has been a great help throughout my experience on Etsy. Thanks Licia!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

~ My Treasury: Save the Earth ~

It's Earth Day! What have you done for the earth lately? Let me share a little bit of what I do to help the earth:

  • My office doesn't recycle. So, I take things home to recycle, including drinks and granola bar boxes in the kitchen.
  • I used to plastic forks and spoons at work's there and it's convenient. I was bad. Now, I use real silverware and wash it myself.
  • I reuse bubble envelops that I get from my supplies orders for my shop. Of course I ensure they are clean and in good working condition.
Etsy has a lot of awesome green products! Reusable cloth bags to replace ziplock bags, hot coffee cozies, crochet scrubbies for the cotton pads/balls, and even mentral pads. Here are some of my favorite things. They are green and yellow! Don't forget to click on the items to visit the shops!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

~ Secrets Exposed: How to Select Fat Crabs ~

I know what you are thinking, "What the heck is a fat crab?" Well, Chinese people (I think most Asians, but I am not sure) eat female crabs when they are carrying eggs. That makes them fat and juicy. YUM :)

Now, I live in Maryland, the state of blue crabs. Around summer time and fall, blue crabs can be as low as $0.99 a pound. Basically, you eat till your hands are bleeding. I am kidding. My fingers only get sore.

At the local international (Korean) grocery stores, they have live female crabs, all sprawled out on a table. It's time to go hunting! Now, female crabs don't have a lot of meat compared to male crabs. And what little it has does taste different (not as good according to many like my dad). Then, why the heck are we picking out female crabs? It is for this:

Look at that orange yumminess. Just a warning though, it's full of cholesterol, so eat at your own risk. Look at how the eggs have crowded into the corner of the crab shell and you can just gently tug on it and the whole thing comes out. That's what we call "filled to the corner". I am drooling just looking at this and I just ate! here's my dad's secret (ok not secret anymore hehe) method of picking fat crabs. There are a few things to look for.

1. You can see a patch of light orange on the shell. There's this little spot that's usually just a lighter green or white, but if there are lots of eggs, it is orange.

2. If you turn the crab over, it shouldn't be snow white. If it's too clean, no eggs.

3. Also on the under side, right along the edge of the big pointy thingy on the shell, you should also see some orange.

Using this method, my dad picked 4 crabs. And they are all full of eggs! 100%! Even good luck won't give you this kind of results!

So, all he does with the crabs is take the gray stuff (the lungs) out, rinse it under water, split it in half, put the top shell pack on, put on a dish and steam for like 8 minutes. He said you have to wash the crabs because you are gonna be putting that in your mouth. You don't want to know where the crabs have been. He uses a old toothbrush to quickly go over them sometimes.

Bon Appetite!

Monday, April 20, 2009

~ Weekend of Sun and Crystals ~

Saturday was a beautiful day!  It was warm and sunny and just so perfect!  My wonderful friends had this awesome idea of having a picnic at the national park 15 mins from my house.  We brought Momo there and he had a blast!!  Definitely going to go back to hike and fish later.  Though, next time I am definitely going to put on some sunblock.

Check out our feast!  We also grilled and had some KFC :)

Momo met a new friend.  His name is Lucky.  There were some mutal sniffing....

Getting to know each other...

And bonding over the water hole :)  Momo got so dirty that after 5 minutes of rinsing, the water was still brown.  He was making a nest in the leaves....

After all that fun, it was time to get busy.  Playing with Swarovskis are so much fun! 

I have been meaning to use my butterfly crystals for a while!  Made a matching set for my friend...

Simple hearts...

I love these bicone pendants!

These two necklaces are made to match the popular Nadia's Earrings.

Of course...gotta make something yellow...

Miscellaneous Happiness
I also visited one of my good friends this weekend.  She just had a baby, the most adorable little bundle of joy named Vivian.

More Etsy happiness...I sold something in my shop this weekend!  And my Moondust bracelet in Vineyard Escape was the Artisan Item of the Day on

What a great weekend!  
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