Wednesday, April 29, 2009

~ My Treasury: Ariel's Wedding ~

Ariel is my 2nd favorite Disney princess.  I wanted to be a mermaid after I saw the movie.  I also think Ariel is one of the reasons why I like to dye my hair red.  So, this week, I am featuring things I would love to have for my wedding, if I am Ariel.  Or, if I am having a beach wedding

I would love a beach wedding, but the planning and getting people there and the heat may be a problem. Besides, my little brother is getting married on the beach next month. I can't copy him. I'll just have to hide my jealousy really well... :)


jchau said...

maybe after you go to mine, u wont want a beach wedding anymore.

Beth said...

Beautiful choices!

AshleyMariePaperie said...

That is a gorgeous treasury. I wish I could do my wedding all over again!!

My Dear Darling said...

Haha, so cute! You can always try to put a different spin on the beach wedding. :) When I read that you wanted to be a mermaid after watching the movie, it brought me back to when I was little and I'd put my fins on and swim around in the pool like I was a mermaid. Good times. :D

Joyce said...

Thanks Beth!

Ashley, you can when you renew you vows ;)

Darling, I was actually afraid of water and didn't learn to swim till college! Now, I swim with fins as much as possible :D

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