Saturday, April 4, 2009

~ Another Etsy Purchase ~

It's almost summer time!  Time to wear my awesome sundresses.  In the summer, unless an activity requires wearing pant/shorts, I only wear dresses and skirts.  I am that kind of girl.

Ok, I am not that kind of girl.  I am a girl with .... big..... thighs.  I admit it.  My friends call it the "child bearing hips".  So, skirts and dresses are just much more comfortable.  So, I was talking to my Etsy friend Ashley from BlueNostalgia, going through her shop and fell in love with the yellow jade that she uses.  So, I ordered a necklace from her.  

Yes, I make jewelry and I still ordered a necklace from her.  Her work is wonderful.

So, here it is.  Just beautiful.  It's going to look great with my yellow dresses!

Here are the two other necklaces that I wanted:

Her newest creation:

And she's having a 15% off sale on earrings this weekend (mention April Showers when you check out)!  Also, $5 off when you buy a matching set.  And free international shipping!  

You have to check it out!  :)


EverImprovingMe said...

That is a very pretty necklace. I hope you really love wearing it!

Jessica Marie said...

love love LOVE blue nostalgia's shop.

i'm jealous that you got that necklace! i've been eyeing it :D

Anonymous said...

I try to wear skirts as well... I have big thighs and muscled calves... I look like a weight lifter who let themselves go in pants :-P

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