Tuesday, April 14, 2009

~ New Way to Brush Momo ~

Momo doesn't always want to be brushed.  Every once in a while, he'll sit really still for me to brush him, usually when I bribe him with lots of treats.  More often than not, he likes to run away from me when he sees the brush.  

Now, if you ever saw how groomers brush dogs, you'll notice that they put them high up on a table.  I don't have a table, but I have a ledge...

Oh yeah, he stays real still on there.  Just likes to move his head.

Don't worry though.   I hold him with one hand and brush him with the other so he won't fall.  You can't see in this picture, but I was behind him with my hand on him.

He was such a good boy!  He and I both like the sun so this is going to work out for both of us.  Well, let's see how long it'll be before he is not scared of heights anymore and jump off from there.  You know what else is good?  Whatever fur that falls off of him won't be accumulating on my floors anymore :)


pxyjk said...

you are a pet grooming genius..until he jumps off the ledge and hurts himself. :P

Julia said...

Poor dog :(

Christine said...

What a cute puppy! He's such a good boy to sit still on the ledge. :)

♥ xtine

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