Thursday, April 16, 2009

~ Snack Bags and Cards ~

I know I am supposed to blog about all the exciting my dad brought back from Hong Kong, but.....I didn't get a chance to take pictures.  The fiance was sick so I showered him with a lot of TLC :)

So, today, let me tell you about some other exciting recent Etsy purchases!!!  

The Spoils of the Sneak Attack Shopping Cart War
There was a great sneak attack yesterday and I got myself a few things.  The attack was on a wonderful charity shop called EtsyForCharity.  A little bit about them:

Etsy for Charity (EFC) is a group of artists all fueled by the passion of helping the community with their crafts.  All items listed at EFC Shop are donated by Etsy sellers and they will be shipped direct from their country to you!  Sales proceeds (less shipping and other expenses) for this month will be donated to 

EFC April Charity of the Month
Autism Speaks

I can't wait for them to come before showing you.  I got 3 cards and a set of cool business cards donated by UniqueGrabs.  I love his cards!!!  So very cute!!!

These come in a bunch of colors!  If there was yellow, I would've gotten one for myself....

Cute...................I am sure this will come in handy this year :)

I hope my mom doesn't read my blog....

I love these!  I am going to give them out to special friends.  Please don't throw them away :)

I got these wonderful snack bags from a sneak attack victim (RosyandPosy) I sponsored a few weeks ago...  These bags replace disposable ziplock bags and are washable and just so cute!

This one is holding my fiance's newphew's snacks right now.  Perfect for the little boy.

This one is for me!  The owls are cool!

Trading is a lot of fun!  I traded these with RoseBushDesigns a little while ago....

This is what she got from me....

After I got the bags from RosyandPosy, Julia of customcute, found these bags from  FlowerFly and I just can't live without them.  They are so cute and yellow!!!  

This one is perfect for Momo's treats!

I don't know what this one is for yet, but it's yellow!

I just looked at FlowerFly again and she got all these new bags!! So cute!!!  I love this kitty one:

This is what she got from me plus some cash :)

Etsy is so full of awesome things!  Can't wait to get more!


The Beading Gem said...

I'm jealous! That's one fabulous collection of wonderful handmade things!


I LOVE the owls too, Etsy is heaven to shop on :0)

Beth said...

You got some great stuff in the sneak attack! I also like those reusable bags.

Thanks for the mention! I just love my earrings and get tons of compliments on them!

icylotusgirl said...

the stuff you got are very cute! girl you are shopping aggressively! lol!!!

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