Friday, April 24, 2009

~ Sneak Attack: Kanzashi and More ~

Yay another sneak attack!  Handmademovement has grown since the last time I sponsored an sneak attack!  A few Sneak Attack Fanatics has come up with a new idea...

Quote from the website:
We're dedicating certain items in our shops to Sneak Attacks - the money from the sales of those items goes directly to purchasing from future Sneak Attack "victims". It runs on the honor system, but as one person said, "there's a lot of very honorable people here!" Each item has "Sneak Attack Support Item" in its title, and a brief explanation in the item description. It's also tagged with "SA Support". That makes it easy to find the special items - just search for SA Support under All Items.

There's a wide range of items offered, in a wide range of prices. Check it out! Not only can you buy a special item just for you; you can also have the satisfaction of knowing you're helping out new Etsy sellers.

Isn't that nice??  So, for today, all money from sales in my shop will go to SA Support.  I haven't tagged anything in my shop yet because I haven't had time.  But, I will!

Anyway, there was a little bit of drama this morning.  One of the shops I picked out went on vacation!!!  Thank goodness Julia found a similar shop for me.  From now on, she's my Etsy directory.

Shops are listed! We have 2 great shops with variety of items!  First up is SecretLolita.  She specializes in Kazashi hair accessories.  I love them!

Next we have YaneShops.  This shop has a combination of magnetic bookmarks and baby products like these:

I hope you like the shops I picked out.  Please support the sneak attack by spreading the word about it, keeping the forum thread alive and/or purchase from these fabulous shops!


parasox said...

All proceeds from today's sale going towards Sneak Attacks? How awesome is that! Love the post, and thanks for sponsoring another Sneak Attack - you rock! -parasox-

Licia said...

I saw that! I saw you are sponsoring when I got my sneak attack e-mail! :) Very cool and supportive idea (I'm all for those kind!).

EverImprovingMe said...

you are totally cool! i want to sponsor one but i am so flaky lately i am afraid i would forget.

Joyce said...

EIM don't worry if we don't see the SA thread by 10 am on the day you sponsor ... we'll hunt you down hehe

intscher said...

Thanks so much for the sneak attack on my shop tonight - SecretLolita. What a great surprise to see the email of my first sale - and then a bunch of others on top of it! Sneak attack is such an awesome idea and I will now be following it. Thanks again... Laura


Awwwww SecretLolita has a great shop

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