Monday, November 30, 2009

~ Momo on the Window Sill ~

I blogged before about how I like to take pictures by the window in one of my rooms. A few days ago , I was trying to take pictures of the Joyeux Noel Collection and I guess Momo wanted to be a part of the photo shoot. He climbed up onto the window sill and just wouldn't budge.

Sometimes I think he acts more like a cat than a dog! Look how comfortable he is on the window sill!

Since he wanted to be a model, I told him to pose. Here are his poses...
The Defeated

The Thoughtful

The Flirt

The Longing

Isn't he a good model? My next house needs to have a bay window. I will put his bed on the en cove. And I need big, big windows too. I love bright rooms. These windows are too small. And, I need my bedroom windows to face east!!! I need lights in the morning. Right now, my bedroom is dark in the morning and I just can't get up. Well, I guess staying up to 4am doesn't help.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

~ Thanksgiving Hot Pot ~

As far as I remember, the last time I had turkey for Thanksgiving was in college. This year, we had hot pot. I actually had it on Thanksgiving day and the day after because we had so much food.

It's awesome to have a bigger group for hot pot. We had such an awesome variety. I had my favorite veggie, lettuce. Yes, I am boring like that. We had scallops, shrimp, green mussels, flank steak, chicken, pork, pork belly, tofu, fried tofu, fish balls, meat balls, shrimp balls, turnip, enoki mushrooms, king oyster mushrooms, udon noodles, spinach, pig liver and so much more.

One pleasant surprise this time was the fish roe fish balls. They are so adorable! They look like big hershey kisses. This is what they look like uncooked...

I don't know why this picture turned out side ways, but this is what it looks like cooked and basking in the soy sauce mixture.

Inside the fish ball exterior are tons of orange fish roe. It was really good! It's fun to eat like those pork soup dumplings in New York. The fish roe is a little bit sweet and the texture of the outer white part is like a little bouncy.

I am going to remember this bag so I can go get some next time. Very good stuff!

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, Black Friday and weekend!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

~ Holiday Inspired Jewelry ~

I am feeling all festive nowadays, so I started making holiday inspired jewelry. First up is the Under the Mistletoe Necklace. I spent a lot of time on this one, making sure I pick the right shade of green so that it's not too Christmas-y. Of course, I picked the green that I don't have much of. I only had enough to make one necklace. Oh well, time to order more supplies :D

I really like the extender on this necklace. I am thinking of making matching earrings in a similar style.

Then, I started making lots of crystal bows! I practiced with copper wires first. Look at this rare behind the scene picture!

I made 2 necklaces and a pair of earrings out of these bows. I was very excited about the earrings. I wanted to list them right away, so I tried to take pictures in the lightbox. I am not sure I liked the pictures. It makes the crystal look plastic-y. But, I listed them anyway because I was excited :)

I retook pictures this morning in sunlight and a gray background. I think they look better. I still find it hard to take pictures of clear crystals.

I really like the necklaces. One reason is that I am using new chains that I got last month. I love those squished hearts! They are super cute and they are flat links so they sparkle a lot when they catch the light.

I made the necklaces in two lengths, 16 and 18 inches. I wonder if I should make it even shorter. They are actually very cute layered like this too.

I plan to make a smaller version for the earrings because some may think they are too big. I plan to make more in black, red, and champagne color. But, for now, I need to finish up some custom orders and code some javascript goodness for work. Going to try to be very productive!!! I have tons to do!

By the way, I ordered 4 pairs of boots plus 2 pairs of shoes for my fiance with the 50% off deal I blogged about yesterday. The shoes should get here on Monday!! Watch for reviews of the shoes next week!

Friday, November 27, 2009

~ 50% off Boots and More on ~

I love buying shoes from The prices are usually lowest. Even if they are not, they have price guarantee so they will refund you if you find your newly purchased shoes somewhere else for cheaper. Free overnight shipping, free return shipping. What else can you ask for? Oooo about 30% off all regular priced boots, slippers, handbags and sunglasses?? Oh yeah....I need boots!!! Offer ends on Sunday so I guess I have a few days to think about what I want. *update* Found 20% cashback through Soo...if my math is correct, that's 50% off!!!

So, I set up my search for boots: Pull on, knee high, size 9. I was surprised that they have a lot "Halloween" boots. I think they can be good for cosplay too.

For some reason, I really like this one. It's so Final Fantasy to me.

This is for my friend who loves Hello Kitty. The Chooka Hello Kitty Crest Rainboots.

I want a pair of gray boots. There are a lot of nice Michael Antonio ones!!! The first one is the McKay Boots. They are over the knees, but can be pulled down. Only $70 original price and 4 out of 5 stars with 23 reviews. These babies are in my cart.

This one is like the McKay, but shorter.

These are Michael Antonio Women's Mia Knee High Boot. Sooooo sexy! But, reviews say they are not that comfortable. And these are side zip. I am not a fan of side zip. They so hot!!! I am tempted.

I also like these Oreo Knee High Boots. They are...different.

I also put 2 pairs of these in my cart. They are so cool! You can wear them in many different ways. And I love furry softness. They are called Report Meloni Boots. Right now, I have the black ones and the creme ones in my cart. They are also $70 before the discount.

I also want a pair of purple boots. Purple is probably my 2nd favorite color. Besides, I can't wear yellow boots. As much as I love yellow, it'll be hard to pull off. So, here are my purple picks.

BCBGeneration Women's Morch Thick Heel Knee High Boot

BCBGeneration Women's Model Ankle Boot

Mia Women's Seductive Ankle Boot

I love how booties look, but I don't usually wear them because I like wearing skirts in the winter and to keep my legs warm, I need knee high boots. I think these Pink Studio Daily Ankle boots are so darn cute!!!!! I love all of them. I want all of them.

This pair is so clean and cozy and sophisticated.
Vince Camuto Women's Magena2 Peep Toe Bootie

I didn't even look at purses yet! But, ok, I shouldn't. I need to make some jewelry now. Those beads are not going to wirewrap themselves. I am going to try to calm down and then reevaluate my choices. What do you think I should get?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

~ Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale ~

Are you all ready??? Are you going to the Prime outlets to shop their midnight madness sales? 30% off Guess Factory and 50% of Kate Spade is tempting. Are you going to Walmart and getting the Sony 40in LCD TV for $598?

Well, save yourself from the waiting in the cold, the lack of parking, and crazy, people trampling crowds! has 25% off all regular price merchandise + additional 60% off sale items. And has a Samsung 40in LCD TV for about $460 with Bing 20% cashback. As for all your jewelry and supplies gifts on your list, you can go to my jewelry and supplies shops for awesome deals! From now till Monday 11:59pm, you will get:
  • 10% off orders of $1 - $49.99
  • 15% off orders of $50 - $99.99
  • 20% off orders of $100 and up
Want extra perks? Become my Facebook Fan! Please put your Facebook name in message to seller if it's different than the name you use for Etsy.
All discounts will be refunded to you through Paypal.

So, how about a festive necklace for your best friend who's already humming endless holiday songs?

Or a mannequin jewelry display for your fellow jewelry maker for her next craft show?

A special polymer clay bead that can be used for all sorts of projects?

There are so many choices! Happy Shopping!!

~ Happy Thanksgiving ~

I can't believe it's the holidays again! Time flies when I am having a good time I guess. This year, I have made new friends and gone on new adventures with old friends. Here's what I have to be thankful for (in no particular order):
  • My mom who is always there for me. You always remember to call me and bring me back the best presents wherever you travel. It's always fun to gossip and laugh with you about everything.
  • My dad who takes care of so much for me around the house. You cook so much delicious and healthy food for me and teach me so much about everything all the time.
  • My brother and new sister-in-law who always make me laugh and show me what marriage really means. Of course, thank you for organizing such an amazing destination wedding. I had an awesome time!!!

  • My fiance who reminds me to slow down and relax, who gives me a kiss to make me feel better when I am pouting because I didn't want to wake up in the morning. I want to copy my brother and say that I am thankful you came home at 7 this morning instead of not coming home at all :)
  • My LGs, LGMs and Jimmy who are always there for me. You let me borrow your cars, feed me, house me, and entertain me when I visit. You make me laugh without saying or doing anything because I am just happy to be in your presence.
  • My family near and far who finally all signed up for Facebook so I can stalk them. Love all the pictures and videos!
  • My girls who remind me to be social and enjoy life when I feel like I need to work 24/7 to get my stuff done. Thank you for organizing events and getting dressed up with me because every girl needs an excuse to glam up and feel good about herself. Thank you for eating all that awesome food with me. Without you, the food wouldn't taste the same.
  • My mama girls who still know how to have fun even with a few kids hanging off their hips. Thank you for sharing your infinite mommy-wisdom with me so that I feel like I am kinda prepared for motherhood. And thanks in advance for all the clothes and toys you will give my children. :)
  • My boys who keeps me geeky. Thank you for informing me of all the geeky news so I don't fall too far behind. Thank you for giving me links to watch the latest episode of House and sharing your external hard drive with me with all my favorite TVB shows.
  • Etsy and my loyal customers for allowing me to have an artistic outlet so I can balance my geekiness with my artsiness.
  • Everyone else who I can't neatly put into a group...Thanks for making me laugh and sharing your lives with me.
  • My health I feel good :) Sickness can strike anyone, no matter who they are or what they do. I try to take care of myself, but you know that doesn't always happen when things get crazy. But, my body is fighting on like a champ! Thanks for not breaking down through my 4-hour sleep nights, walks in the rain, popeyes diet, lack of exercise and bad driving.
  • My wealth Times are tough for a lot of people right now. So, I am thankful for still having a job that provides enough to house me and shelter me and allow me to share my wealth with others
And of course, thanks for reading my blog! Happy Thanksgiving!!!
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