Sunday, November 1, 2009

~ Halloween 2009 ~

Wow. I didn't get home till 5AM this morning. Haven't partied like this since...I don't even remember! Let me start with the preparation part of the evening. A bunch of us met up at my friend's awesome apartment to hang out and get ready. Putting makeup on a guy to make him look scary, but not girly is harder than we thought.

Then, it's picture time! I took my DSLR there and we just had some fun! Took over 200 pictures! Just going to post some here. I have to correct the color in most of them. They all had a yellow tint.

I love this picture. It's so funny! Too bad I didn't get his fangs in the picture.

I think this is a really good picture. Look at the glitter eyeliner. I think that's the NYX one that I wanted to buy before. Doesn't she look so elegant? And it's like her eyes are talking to me.

Yeah, don't I look innocent?

I told him to pretend to be like Naruto. Get ready to fly out the window and whip out his swords. He's awesome :)

All the girls......So we have from left to right....queen of hearts(?), medieval queen, Flo (from the Progressive commercials), sexy devil, Belle, playboy bunny, masked beauty, sexy gangsta and a queen bee.

I love my friend's's so sexy and comfortable. So, I ... naturally took some pictures there. Once again...don't I look innocent?

She looks like she stepped out of a time machine.

Look at the queen bee trying to be innocent too.

Then, we went to a house party and a hotel party and a club/lounge. Pictures from those events....not appropriate for this blog so let's skip to the midnight snack. A few of us went to a 24 hour Korean BBQ restaurant in Annadale, VA called Honey pig. We got there around 2:30 and there was a line! Yes, we ate with our costumes on.

Just a few pictures of the food. It's a good place. Maybe next time I go, I'll take some better pictures and do a real review. In short, this is like THE Korean BBQ restaurant to go to. It's always crowded!

I had a good time. Wish my fiance could've gone with us, but he was busy. I liked playing photographer. I may get all my sexy girlfriends to do another photoshoot sometime. I need to read the manual though. Lighting was not very good and a lot of the pictures came out blurry. Maybe another costume party for the holidays?


pxyjk said...

So many comments:

1 - You don't look innocent, but Ivy does
2 - You like that bed because it has a lot of yellow
3 - Naruto *doesn't* use a sword
4 - It looks like your camera does add a yellow tinge indoors, but does take good night time pictuers. What model and lens are you using?

Joyce said...

1. i am innocent. :D

ninjamyst said...

The kit lens is not fast enough to be taking pics indoor without flash. That's why your pics are blurry. If u post them on flickr, people can see the shutter speed and ISO to see if it's the lens or the camera or the photographer =P.

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