Sunday, November 22, 2009

~ Popup Cards by Tracychong ~

A few months ago, I pounced upon this awesome popup card shop called Tracychong.

There are a few reasons why I love her shop.
  1. Pictures are good.
  2. Who doesn't love popup cards? Not only are they cards, they are awesome decoration! I would love to put some in my office.
  3. Her designs are simple, modern and fun.
  4. She is going to grad school for science at UIUC. That's where I went to school!
  5. Usually, you don't think someone in science is also good in art. But, she is! And I like to think that I am too :)
  6. She has cards with one of my favorite animals: giraffes
  7. She has yellow cards.
I am not the only one who loves her stuff. Her reindeer card was recently voted as the community favorite holiday card. Isn't it cute?

She has plenty of other holiday cards and she has special packages of 5 cards and 8 cards. 8 holiday cards are for $50.50 and 5 holiday cards are $31.50. You choose the designs.

Each card on their own is $6.50 + $1 shipping. That's not bad at all for a card and holiday decoration.

If you want these holiday cards in time for Christmas, go to Tracychong now to get some!


pxyjk said...

She has more artistic talent than you do. Just kiding. I like how clean her popup cards look like. My favorite is the blue bird on the fence.

The Beading Gem said...

She is very, very good! Thanks for showcasing this artisan.

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