Saturday, November 28, 2009

~ Holiday Inspired Jewelry ~

I am feeling all festive nowadays, so I started making holiday inspired jewelry. First up is the Under the Mistletoe Necklace. I spent a lot of time on this one, making sure I pick the right shade of green so that it's not too Christmas-y. Of course, I picked the green that I don't have much of. I only had enough to make one necklace. Oh well, time to order more supplies :D

I really like the extender on this necklace. I am thinking of making matching earrings in a similar style.

Then, I started making lots of crystal bows! I practiced with copper wires first. Look at this rare behind the scene picture!

I made 2 necklaces and a pair of earrings out of these bows. I was very excited about the earrings. I wanted to list them right away, so I tried to take pictures in the lightbox. I am not sure I liked the pictures. It makes the crystal look plastic-y. But, I listed them anyway because I was excited :)

I retook pictures this morning in sunlight and a gray background. I think they look better. I still find it hard to take pictures of clear crystals.

I really like the necklaces. One reason is that I am using new chains that I got last month. I love those squished hearts! They are super cute and they are flat links so they sparkle a lot when they catch the light.

I made the necklaces in two lengths, 16 and 18 inches. I wonder if I should make it even shorter. They are actually very cute layered like this too.

I plan to make a smaller version for the earrings because some may think they are too big. I plan to make more in black, red, and champagne color. But, for now, I need to finish up some custom orders and code some javascript goodness for work. Going to try to be very productive!!! I have tons to do!

By the way, I ordered 4 pairs of boots plus 2 pairs of shoes for my fiance with the 50% off deal I blogged about yesterday. The shoes should get here on Monday!! Watch for reviews of the shoes next week!


pxyjk said...

The Under the Mistletoe necklace is very nice.

Jules said...

Love it girlie! You are rockin'!


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