Monday, November 30, 2009

~ Momo on the Window Sill ~

I blogged before about how I like to take pictures by the window in one of my rooms. A few days ago , I was trying to take pictures of the Joyeux Noel Collection and I guess Momo wanted to be a part of the photo shoot. He climbed up onto the window sill and just wouldn't budge.

Sometimes I think he acts more like a cat than a dog! Look how comfortable he is on the window sill!

Since he wanted to be a model, I told him to pose. Here are his poses...
The Defeated

The Thoughtful

The Flirt

The Longing

Isn't he a good model? My next house needs to have a bay window. I will put his bed on the en cove. And I need big, big windows too. I love bright rooms. These windows are too small. And, I need my bedroom windows to face east!!! I need lights in the morning. Right now, my bedroom is dark in the morning and I just can't get up. Well, I guess staying up to 4am doesn't help.


jiorji said...

Momo's so CUTE! i was a bit shocked to see him there though as i've only seen head shots of him and i thought he was an English sheepdog imagine a dog of that size sitting at the window like a cat haha

i feel your pain about light. My apartment is so dark and would be nice to get nice light in the morning...or any other time during the day. And i'm glad to see i'm not the only crazy craft girl staying up til 4am ;)

Hell0 Z0mbie said...

omg your doggy is so cute!! I wish it were possible for me to have a dog!

Joyce said...

jiorji hehe i would stay up till 6 if i dun have to work during the day :)

Hell0 Zombie....aww why can't u have a dog? living with someone who's allergic? Havanese are hypo-allergenic... living in an apt that doesn't allow dogs? just tell them it's a cat :)

pxyjk said...

Maybe were you make Momo stay is cold or doesn't get enough sunlight? Momo is definitely a cute dog. You could get a natural light source lamp and hook it up to a timer if you think light would help you.

Teresa said...

You dog is an amazing model! Or maybe it is because you are a good photographer. For certain, you & Momo make a good team!

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