Saturday, November 7, 2009

~ My Real Life Farmville Moment ~

Remember when I blogged about all the platns we have in our yard? It's been getting pretty cold so my dad has been slowly harvesting everything. He grabbed all the tomatoes earlier this week.

Then, he said it's not that cold this week. So, he'll just grab the peppers and chilis later. He told me to let him know if it will gets down to around 30 degrees. He wants to makes sure he grabs all the peppers so he can make this super spicy hot sauce before the first freeze. When I came home tonight, it felt cold. I didn't think much of it till we were talking and I was like it's getting really cold. Uh....too cold for the aloe and peppers? Hmm... maybe??

So we grabbed what we could and brought them inside. We had 2 big aloe plants outside and they were getty frosty! Then we brought in a few pepper and chili plants that is small enough to fit inside.

The rest we had to just cut the whole plant and bring in the branches. It was way too cold to cut each pepper individually. Look how many there are in just one branch!

It's gonna be fun tomorrow sorting out all these branches!

We had several kinds of chilis this year. We don't know how it happened. We thought they were all the same and then some stayed short and grew white to red chilis. Some grew up to be really high and has these huge bunches of dark green to red chilis that points up. Some grew up really tall but have individual peppers that droop down.

This is why I never got into farmville. I practically have a farm in my back yard with all my plants. This is way more fun :)

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pxyjk said...

is that the same hot sauce as last year?

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