Wednesday, August 19, 2009

~ It's Harvest Time ~

Well, the harvest has just begun! We have 2 tomato plants and they are thriving this year! We have so much that we are giving them away to everyone who wants them and still have enough for soups, snacks and various dishes.

We also have like 20 pepper plants, some green bell peppers, some jalapenos, and some chili peppers. We call these "Pointing to the Sky peppers". They are super spicy.

These are supposed to turn purple. I am still waiting...

Isn't it huge??

Of course we have a lot of flowers too! Check out this lily. They were blooming 10-20 flowers at a time and it was just beautiful.

These grew out of the grounds on their own, probably from seeds left by last year's flowers.

Our new jasmine plant! I love it!!!

My dad not only has a green thumb, his whole hand is green. My mom too, but she plants more flowers and succulents than food. So, my dad's secret fertilizer is ... powdered egg shells and peanut shells. He saves these shells and blends them in a blender into powder and mix it in the soil. It's as organic as it gets!

Can't wait till all the peppers are ready! He's going to make his awesome home made hot sauce. I don't really eat it because it just burns and I can't handle it. But, my fiance and my dad look like they enjoy it alot. :)

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pxyjk said...

mm..I love green bell peppers. So many ways to use them. Maybe your dad can make his same hot sauce for you, but not use the seeds in the mix. Usually in the inside of the pepper and the seeds that provides most of the heat.

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