Sunday, August 23, 2009

~ NYX Cosmetics ~

I went shopping with my very fashionable friend today. We stopped by this big jewelry store and found a very, very good collection of NYX cosmetics. I was so excited because I have heard a lot of good things about that brand and how the colors are really solid.

The store looks like it just recently started stocking NYX stuff 'cause all the testers look really new! We started playing with their 10 color eye shadow palettes and just want it. The colors are very solid. It goes on so easily and feels really smooth.

My friend actually has this and I have seen it in action. It looks awesome!!!

I just love the packaging. I am sorry. I am very shallow like that.

So, my friend was about to buy some eye shadow too. Only $12 for the palette and there was a 10% off deal. We spent so much time trying out the colors and looking at all the different things and then she asked me, "isn't p.r.o.c. China?"

Hmmm... yes it is. People's Republic of China. Everything we had in our hands were made in China. Now, I am not saying that things made in China are bad. But, you have to admit, some are questionable. And I do understand that if it's not safe, they wouldn't be selling it here. We do have the FDA to protect us.

But, like my friend said, "I am not putting made-in-China things on my face". if there's lead in the shoes made in China, it'll kill us the same way as if it's in the eyeshadow right? But she's right. What if it is just bad enough to do local damage. I would much rather have permanent damage to the skin on my feet than my face. So, we put everything down and left. It's ok though. I don't put on makeup much so I shouldn't be buying it.

When I got home, I looked on their website. This all-purpose glitter palette look like so much fun!

These are lip glosses!

*sigh* I just need to keep telling myself that I don't need that stuff. I won't use it anyway.

I wonder how much of my current cosmetics stash is "made in p.r.o.c." If I remember correctly, at least some of the ELF cosmetics are made in China. Oh well, I am not throwing them away for now. I don't use it much so it probably won't do much damage even if it is bad. Right?


pxyjk said...

So shallow...and materialistic....

Ramona said...

at what store did you see these? I work in rockville and am having a hard time finding many nyx products...

Joyce said...

There's this big jewelry store by Old Navy in Montgomery Mall. I forgot what it's called, but it's not Claires or any of those chains. It has a lot of bling bling jewelry. That's where I saw the NYX stuff.

Ramona said...


Ona said...

Just for your info..
Republic of China is NOT china..
It's actually TAIWAN !!

China dosen't allow Taiwanese people use "Taiwan" so they had to use Republic of China~

Joyce said...

Ona, that is true. but "p.r.o.c" is people's republic of china ...that's not republic of china/taiwan....that's just china

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