Wednesday, August 12, 2009

~ Fish and Eggs ~

A reader recently asked about the eggs that were slowly becoming baby fish. I am happy to report that they are doing well and can even swim on their own now!

Not only that, but there are 2 more tubes of eggs! Here's one that's a day younger than the original one I posted.

Here's a video of them happily floating around in their tubes:

Remember the baby giraffes I blogged about a few months ago? Look how big they are now!

All babies are doing very well. It's almost time to find new homes for the giraffes!


pxyjk said...

A reader huh? sheesh..I bet that "reader" has a name...okay blogger?

pxyjk said...

sheesh. I was just having some fun with you. I see the incubator is a success. I wonder how well the one your dad made compares to commercially available ones.

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