Thursday, August 6, 2009

~ Fish or Egg or Both ~

There's this one mommy fish who is a little bit skittish. She's a small African cichlid. Maybe, she's not ready for motherhood. She would just loose her eggs and we are always sad to see that. So, my dad decided to try to save the babies! After some research and thinking, he devised a simple incubator/nursery for the eggs. This tube imitates the mommy's mouth where the eggs grow into baby fishes. And it looks like it's working!

This is day 2. Sorry, didn't have pictures of day 1. They were too boring. It was just yellow little balls floating around. Then, the next day, they grew a tail and a head!

It's a little bit hard to take pictures 'cause the eggs/fishies are constantly moving. So, here is a video of them on day 2.

Today was day 3. You can clearly see that their heads are bigger and their eyes too!

This is so much fun! We usually don't see this process because it all happens inside the mommy fish's mouth. I'll be posting more updates as the days go on so come back soon to see how the babies are doing!


pxyjk said...

Your dad should be a professional aquarium person.

pxyjk said...

Where is day 4 and beyond?

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