Saturday, August 15, 2009

~ Make Awesome Videos with Animoto ~

This is so much fun~! Ok, so basically, on this site Animoto, you can make really cool videos with music from pictures. Here's an example:

Isn't it awesome? The free version you can use to make videos for up to 30 seconds, which is about 12 - 15 pictures. All you have to do is upload the pictures, pick a song and fill out some basic information like author. You can also sign in to flickr or facebook to grab pictures from your albums. Here's another example:

If you want to make full length video, you can sign up for a business account. According to their website:
Unlimited full-length videos, each licensed for commercial use with no Animoto branding. Takes just minutes to create one. Easily update it anytime. Hassle-free pre-licensed music. Embed it to your site or share it.

$249 for a year, or $99 for a 3-month trial.

I think I am going to make one every week with my newest creations :) You can also easily upload to YouTube. I think it can potentially be a good promotional tool. But, it's also fun to make videos of your friends! It's so much fun to pick out music too. They provide music like hip hop, jazz, classical, top 40 and more! You can also choose to upload your own music.

Ok, I am off to make another one. Just a's a little....addictive.

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Hypnotransformations said...

Very cool. I love making videos like this. I have a few on youtube as well and I think it has driven people to my shop. Great job on yours.

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