Sunday, August 9, 2009

~ Awesome Sushi in Rockville ~

I love sushi! Well...more like rolls 'cause there are a lot of raw fish that I don't like. When I first moved to Maryland, my good friend Lauren brought me to her favorite Japanese restaurant, Niwano Hana. I love it there! The decor is typical Japanese restaurant, but it's so lively there!

Last night, a few of my friends and I went there for dinner and got our usual specialty rolls and sashimi. First, the rainbow roll. It's like California roll with assortment of colorful fish on top.

This is my absolute favorite....the spicy scallop roll. It's cooked scalloped inside with scallop with a tangy, slightly spicy sauce on top. Everyone I have brought to this restaurant said they like it too.

This is the volcano roll. The orange sauce on top is sooooooo good.

Then, there's the sashimi deluxe....salmon, tuna, octopus and other stuff that I don't remember...

We usually get Spicy Masago (I think) roll, Crunchy Shrimp roll, Dragon roll and Spider roll. I also love their seafood spaghetti. Yum yum!

The price? It's near the high side, but definitely worth it. It is Rockville afterall. I will tell you that I have sampled quite a few Japanese restaurants in Rockville. This is the only one that I consistently go back to. It's conveniently located on Rockville Pike, in Wintergreen Plaza.

Let me just quickly mention that I had a very, very horrible experience at the sushi place in Rockville Town Center. It may look cool, but the food is mediocre, overpriced and service was horrendous. Just thinking about it makes me mad....but anyways....go get the spicy scallop roll if you are ever in the area. It's worth the stop!


pxyjk said...

It seems you ou like rolls a lot versus traditional sushi.

Sadao said...

A spicy scallop roll is something I have not seen and it looks great. I will ask the chef to make me one on my next visit to the restaurant I go to once a week. Thanks for the tip.

Ripper Arts said...

I'm not a big fan of sushi, but my husband is. I don't generally eat seafood of any kind, especially raw seafood. lol

Amanda said...

I just might have to try and make that Spicy Scallop roll- it looks delicious!

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