Thursday, August 27, 2009

~ Toyota iQ ~

Ok...I saw this on Bit Rebels and I just have to share! This is so cute! May I present the Toyota iQ.

I think it's cuter than the smart car. Check out the videos:

Maybe if I have that car, I can drive like that too? But you have to are they going to get out of that spot? Well....

It's supposedly a little bit smaller than the smart car and it fits 4 people. According to, it may come to the US as a Scion in 2011! And look, they have a yellow model!!!!

If they really come out with that, I am going to get it no matter what. Ok...I am going to try really hard, though I doubt my fiance will agree to this car. Isn't it just adorable??

1 comment:

pxyjk said...

That car looks like a mix of pikachu and a Transformer in non-robot form.

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