Monday, August 31, 2009

~ Are You Craftgawker-Worthy? ~

Recently I stumbled up on According to the site, it is " a gallery where anyone can showcase their art, crafting and photography skills. It's a place for you to discover new artists and homemade goods to inspire your own creations. Anyone can submit pictures, if they follow our simple site rules..."

I have seen sites like this before but they were not done well. It's hard to vote or it isn't pleasant to look at or it's hard to submit. I was surprised at how well this site was put together. By the way, I am a snob when it comes to web sites. That's one of the reasons I quit Artfire before their makeover.

Look at that. Simple. Nice to look at. The submission form is simple too. Just need to upload the picture, give it a title, 140 word description and a link to where you found the picture (the Etsy listing is fine here).

I signed up for an account and submitted 2 pictures. First, my new pride and joy, the Elizabeth earrings. I think this is one of my best pictures.

I also submitted a picture of Kendra Becharmed.

All submissions are moderated. Guess which one got rejected...the Elizabeth Earrings!! Reason cited was "Dull/unsharp image". Ouch. Ok. I guess the picture is a little bit fuzzy. I submited a few more today. Let's see how many of those will be rejected.

By the way, you know you are an Etsy addict if you recognize about half the pictures on the site and remember what shops they are from :) Looks like a fellow ACE chick got accepted right after me. Good job dkjewels! I never even saw those earrings before, but I just knew it was hers. She has good branding.

Let me know if you get accepted so I can go gawk at your items.


Ruby Mountain Beads said...

This sounds interesting! One more thing to check out eh? Thanks for sharing!

Kate8085 said...

We submit at least once a month, and yes, some of the pics that I think are wonderful are rejected! hahaha.
But I love that the site is so clean and pretty,
so I am ok with it. It only stings a little. hahaha.

pxyjk said...

I agree with the comments about the earrings. I'm sure you'll adjust and get your earrings accepted.

Kym said...

uh-oh another site to keep me busy!!!! thanks for sharing!

The Beading Gem said...

Whoa! This website really sets high standards. I liked the Elizabeth earrings - the fuzzy part added to the artistic representation IMHO.

StarsandRobots said...

Ok, off to try this! I had no idea what I was getting into when I opened my etsy shop! Blog, twitter,facebook, craftcorner, pictures, I feel like I need to go to photography school! And I find a new website I need to do to be a true etsian everyday! I love your blog!

The Beading Gem said...

BTW I'll be linking to this post!

Ruth said...

I love craftgawker. Agree with you that it is visually appealing. And sometimes the photos I like are rejected! But at least some go through!

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