Saturday, August 29, 2009

~ The Kindness of the Etsy Community ~

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I know there are many other handmade sites for artists out there. But, I have stuck with Etsy and one of the main reason is that I love the Etsy community. Some people say there are a lot of drama and calling out, and yes there is. But, there is also a lot of support and just simple kindness here.

A special act of this kindness has been bestowed upon me and I am so very happy. Here's the story...A supplier didn't send me my backordered items and are very unresponsive. So, I was very frustrated and posted this in the forums:

"I ordered about $90 worth of sterling silver findings and tools during a sale at a bead store online. It's not a very big bead store and they have a physical store in Florida. I figured it was a good sale and bought a bunch of stuff and I have bought from them before. It's been 6 months and they have not shipped me the backordered items which is about $80 worth of supplies. I have emailed and emailed and they stopped responding to my emails. The last email I got said "We will ship your items when they arrive". That was in April. I started calling them 2 weeks ago. Supposedly, they changed owners. The guy I talked to said, he'll call me back. He didn't. Called again. He said he's driving and he'll call me back. He didn't. Call again, he said he's driving and he'll call me back. He didn't. Called again. No answer so I left a message. I am not asking for money back. I just want my headpins. Now, I have ordered from other small suppliers who have physical stores and everything worked out fine. I am very disappointed now and will think probably 10 times...before ordering from a small supplier again. I paid with Paypal so I am about to file a complaint through them. I know it's been a long time and I should have file the complaint probably 3 months ago. I just wanted to talk to a person there before I do that."

I got a few comments and advice about how I can try to get my money back or get a response from the supplier. One person actually convoed me and offered to send me some sterling silver head pins! I declined because I can't just accept free things from her for no reason. But she insisted. So, I figured, her shop has cute stuff, so I'll just order some headpins from her.

I just got the package yesterday, super fast shipping! And there's so much more inside than I ordered!!! She's such a sweetie that she took time to look at my shop and put together this thoughtful package.

I was so shocked and surprised and I just couldn't believe it. After I thanked her for the package, she told me what her great aunt once told her ...

"the way to live a life you're happy with is to do random acts of kindness every day. One for your children if you have them, one for your parents if they're still around, one for your mate, one for a friend and one for someone you don't know."

Sometimes you may think everyone in the world is out to look out for themselves. But, there are people who will genuinely help others for no other reason than to be kind. I have decided that all the extras I got will be made into special jewelry that I will list as PIF (pay it forward) items. Thanks you Margaret from GlitterCritter. Your kindness is very much appreciated.


Kym said...

wow... what an act of kindess and i love that quote she gave. sorry to hear about the trouble you had with that supplier though! its my first time here and upon reading your profile description i knew i could relate! i have a small etsy shop of my own and do everything ASIDE from my fulltime job!! its hard work isn't it?!?! =S and there is drama on etsy?! i never knew... i guess i'll come to know these things in time.

can't wait to read more from your blog!!!

pxyjk said...

That is really nice of her. I hope you make some really nice items out of her supplies.

Ruby Mountain Beads said...

Thanks for this post. I had a bad experience with a bead seller on Etsy, and will check out glitter critter for sure. It is frustrating to deal with bad suppliers. This story makes me feel that there is still goodness in the world! Thanks for sharing.

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