Saturday, August 22, 2009

~ Weekend Deal ~

So, Etsy has been promoting these weekend deals a lot lately. Of course I had to jump on the wagon! I was so excited to find out that I made it in this weekend's gift guide! See the third one?? that's mine!

This is the first time I made it into the gift guide so I am super excited! So far, it looks like it has gotten me a lot of views, but few sales and few hearts. I was hoping they would pick one of my cute phone charms, but I guess they like the hair comb more.

So, what's my weekend deal?? 10% off all your purchases till Sunday, August 23rd, 11:59pm EST. Yes, even the sale items are included. Just put "Weekend deal" in message to seller and I will refund you through Paypal.

I browsed around the gift guide and found a few really cool items too!
From NYCrochet, 15% off all purchases.

From Bathtub Bling...up to 25% off!

From trendastrinkets, 15% off everything.

From etcArts, 33% off all pendants!

And I happened to see the newest member of the Etsy Jewelry Sampler team in the gift guide too! corybethy is offering free shipping on everything. Check out her awesome shop. She's part of the team for a good reason you know :)

For more great deals, check out the gift guide! Happy shopping!

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