Friday, August 14, 2009

~ Nail Art Haul from Forever 21 ~

When I was shopping at the huge Forever 21 in Chicago, I saw these nail art stickers when I was paying. They are only $1.80 a sheet and they look really cute. So of course I had to grab a couple.

Then I saw more online so of course I ordered more.

Here's the results....I matched the black with the most girly, sparkly nail polish I have ever owned.

I love these little bows!!! I think they are out of these though since I don't see them on their web site anymore.

And yes, I know I am suppose to shape my nails to a square, but I like them round :)

I even put it on my toes. Note that I blurred the picture on purpose :) I think these stickers look awesome with black sandals.

I am pretty obsessed with bows and pink/black combo right now, as you can see in my newest creations...

I can't wait till my friends and I have time to do a nails night. One of their mom is a fabulous amateur nail artist. Till then, I will just have to entertain myself with these stickers.

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