Saturday, August 8, 2009

~ Sugar Glider as Pet ~

Today, my friends and I went to Potomac Mills because it was tax-free shopping day! As we walked along, we spotted a huge crowd around this stand that says "Pocket Pet". Thinking that it's a new Tamaguchi kind of thing, I didn't even pay attention to it. Then, we walked past and saw a lady holding a sugar glider!

So, supposedly, they were selling sugar gliders as pets nowadays. They have been domesticated for 15 years in the US. Wow! How did I miss that? I thought I was all informed about exotic pets. I held the sugar glider for a couple of minutes and it was so very, very soft. It is an adult already. Look how small it is!

See the guy looking at me? He probably thought I was going to run away with the glider.

So, from reading their brochure and the web site, sugar gliders are supposedly very good pets. Here's why:
  1. They are cute.
  2. They are soft.
  3. They don't smell if fed property.
  4. They are very social.
  5. They don't chew on things.
  6. Kids love them.
  7. They are fine with dogs and cats and other pets except for snakes.
  8. Average lifespan is about 12-15 years.
From my 2 minutes of experience, I think I might have fallen in love. If I don't already have Momo, I would seriously consider getting one. Supposedly there are a lot of bad breeders who will ship a glider to you, but you shouldn't order online. will deliver the gliders in person! Just check out their site for details. They also have tons of pics and videos. Check it out!

I actually did a quick check on the site's validity. It looks ok. According to www., rank #2 on their list. They are also USDA approved. Don't take my word for it though. As with all other pets, you need to do thorough research before getting one.


Nemesis_Productions said...

I have a friend who had sugar gliders. They were super cute! :)

pxyjk said...

USDA? So you can eat them? Just kidding. It does look like a cute pet.

Amanda said...

They're adorable! You were right up the street from me! I love the mall, it just gets SO busy during the summer weekends I avoid it!

If I didn't just grab Miss. Smudge, I'd probably have to get one of those little darlings- they're definitely cute! I had no idea they're good pets, nevermind domesticated!!!

outbackgliders said...

This is A warning for All to Avoid Buying Sugar gliders from Malls, fea markets ,State Fairs, trade shows home and garden shows, Ect..They are a shady organization with out morals ! selling glider sick , under age and inbreed. the Mill breeders that go around selling sugar gliders . as “perfect pEts or pocket pets”. DO NOT purchase sugar gliders on impulse at a trade show, fair, mall, etc. Many of the same problems hold true for pet stores as well. Do not purchase a sugar glider from a pet store. Be informed and DO YOUR RESEARCH. If you believe that sugar gliders may be a good pet from you and they are a wonderful pets, purchase them from a responsible local breeders. Try to visit the glider before buying it and get a Linege to see its not In breed , Gliders shouldnt be sold younger than 8 weeks old. I hope this saves someone time money and heartbreak

good luck

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