Sunday, August 16, 2009

~ Awesome Sushi in Germantown ~

Yuraku is one of my favorite restaurants in the area. Not only is the food good, the prices are great! They have a lot of complimentary appetizers like veggie sticks with dip (yummy), steamed eggs and salmon head. Also, if you order about $15/person worth of food, they also give you miso soup and a small salad per person.

Here's the steam eggs....It's super soap and tasty. It has some fish cakes inside.

Here's the salmon head. You may be asking yourself, "what the ____ is that???" Well, it's ... the head... of a salmon fish. It's very tasty!! I know it doesn't look that tasty, but it is!

The best part is the cheeks! You need to flip it up and then....

...dig right behind the eye...

...get that chunk of soft, tasty morsel out of the cheek! You can eat the eye too! Some people love it, some people think it's yucky. I think it's not bad.

One of current favorite is the salmon sashimi. All that for $8.95. I think it's a pretty good deal.

Last night, there were 8 of us. So we ordered the medium boat ($100 chef special). It has a lot of sashimi and rolls. It was awesome!

Sometimes, we just order individual rolls. My favorites are triple (spicy?) salmon roll, triple tuna roll, dragon roll, Philly roll (the one with cream cheese) and the Viagra roll (as pictured below).

This place is so good that there's usually a long line during weekends. When we left around 9:30 last night, there were still people waiting for tables. They also have lunch buffet which is decent. It's conveniently located on 355 north, in Fox Chapel shopping center. Just looking at the pictures make me hungry!

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pxyjk said...

That's a really good price for some salmon sashimi. So when are you taking me out for dinner there? :)

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