Wednesday, August 26, 2009

~ Momo Madness ~

Usually, I don't let Momo run around upstairs because he just can't be trusted not to chew on things and not to pee on the carpet. Now that I moved my little workshop upstairs though, I feel bad for leaving him alone downstairs, so he gets to come up and hang out with me. And this is what we do when I take a break.

Fun stuff right?? haha I love how he turned his head and stares at the camera at the end. Isn't he crazy? Oh yeah, don't pay attention to that weird painting in the back. It's an old high school art project. It actually is painted on both sides and I actually made a frame for it. But one day, my dad needed some 2x2 wood planks and took it from the frame...oh well.

I posted about Momo's new friend before and I am very excited that I will have him with me for 10 days! Momo is going to be so happy and they are just going to have so much fun! I will be sure to take lots of pictures and videos so watch for them!


SKayylove said...

how cuteee!

pxyjk said...

poor momo. stop torturing him. :P

Debsparkles said...

How cute, my miniature chihuahua plays just like that. He also spends the day in the studio with me and yes he does try to pee on things if I take my eye off him:)

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