Friday, July 24, 2009

~ Momo's Chicago Adventure ~

One of the reasons I like to drive to Chicago is that I want to bring Momo to visit his cousins (my brother's havaneses). I love seeing all 3 of them together! Here's Momo's version of the Chicago trip:

Long car ride....forced to be brushed with no where to run.

New favorite spot in the car! Away from Mommy and the brush. So comfy and I can still see everything!

I love watching everything fly by! I kept scratching the window for Mommy to open it, but she only opened it sometimes. I wonder if it's because I was trying to climb out when we were on I80.

Basically, I played with my cousins all day and napped all day. Miko likes to wait for Uncle and Auntie to come home so he sleeps by the window.

Milo and I like to be closed to Mommy while she worked on her computer.

My cousins got to go out to the Chinatown Fair 'cause they had a stroller....I was stuck at home alone! But, I guess I would've been trampled in that crowded street.

Just put me down and let me play!

My cousin Milo...looking gooooood.

My cousins' neighbors. They are big!!! But I ain't scared!

That's my toy!!! Why must they fight me for it?!?!

Milo is always the meaner one!

Just hanging out with the boys....

We like to watch Mommy brush her teeth!

Mommy picked up this little guy on our way back. He's from Halo (Havanese Angel League Organization). He was whining for a while in the car while he slept in my crate! Then, he peed on Mommy's white skirt!

I guess he's a good looking guy....I think Mommy wants to keep him, but she was just picking him up and transporting him here for a friend.

When we got home, a tall man and 2 little girls came and picked him up. Thank goodness. He was chasing after me! I had to run 'cause I didn't want to fight someone so small! I wasn't scared!

Now the "good" pictures from my uncle's DSLR. There are more in Grandpa's DSLR. But, Mommy's too busy to look through the pictures. Look! I am an awesome model!

Milo thinks he's cuter than me, but I don't think so.

Can you tell where one dog ends and another dog begins?

I can fly!!!!

We went to the dog beach!! It was so awesome!!!! I met many new friends!! Though a couple of them were a little rough with me. I had to stay close to Mommy 'cause I got scared.

I ran into the lake! It was cold though so I came back out really quickly. Then all the sand stuck to my fur!

But I can still run fast!

Sand is yummy!!!

My uncle wore clothes to match us. He's so strange sometimes.

Don't we look dreamy together?

It was a great trip! I ate a lot of my cousin's food when Mommy wasn't watching. And I learned to jump through a hula hoop! Auntie was so nice to me! Though I think Uncle was about to spank me 'cause I....had an accident....or two. I love riding in cars!!!


Kate8085 said...

hahahhaa. This is hilarious.
We have a boxer that looks like the neighbor's dog.
I love the hallway pic when they are lined up in a row.
Awesome post to read for a crazy dog lady like myself!

Joyce said...

my fiance actually wants a boxer. he was drooling over the neighbor's dogs...

pxyjk said...

Momo is a better writer than you. ;) On a more serious note, inside a car you shouldn't let Momo have that much free reign. Things could get really ugly if you got into an accident. Momo is much smaller and lighter than you.

Joyce said...

For sure. I don't like him free in the car usually. Just let me out for a little bit every few hours. Except when we were coming back and O'Brien was using his crate. Then I held him the whole time.

Hampton House said...

What a wonderful day in the life of a dog!

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