Sunday, July 5, 2009

~ Dresses Galore from Forever21 ~

I recently placed an order from Forever21 that took me a long time to decide on. There are so many fabulous dresses that I want, but I know I can't buy all of them. Some of them are way too formal and I just don't have any occasions to wear them to. Plus, I already got a lot of formal dresses when I was in Hong Kong.

My order hasn't arrived yet, hopefully it will arrive next week before I leave for Toronto. In the mean time, let me show you the ones that I want, but didn't get. Maybe you will get one and show me pictures of you wearing it so I can live vicariously through you :)

First, the black dresses. I love black dresses. So easy to accessories, and love the slimming effect. I absolutely love this dress. I love the layers and it just looks like it flows really well. It takes absolute self control to not get this dress. Even though it's tube top, I still want it a lot. I would even sew straps to it. But, where am I going to wear this to?
Chiffon Layered Dress

This one is so classic and feminine. Love the flowers on the bottom. Though, I will never buy it 'cause tube tops just slide off me. Every once in a while I get tempted to buy a tube top dress and then I never wear it.
Spiral Floral Trim Dress

This looks so....kinky. Sorry, it just reminds me of french maids. I like it though.
Glam Tuxedo Dress

This is very plain, but I love the bubble layers.
Pleated Bubble Shine Dress

This one, I may end up getting later. It was in my cart, but was voted out because I limited myself to 4 dresses only and I have a similar color dress. I love the pattern though.
Dandelion Burst Knit Dress

Ok, now some bright colors. This one is awesome. Bubble layers and straps! That top part is going to be tight, but it's going to hide tummy very well.
Shimmer Dual Bubble Dress

These two are the bright versions of 2 of the black ones I picked. Usually, I don't like really loud colors like that, but these are fabulous.
Spiral Floral Trim Dress

Pleated Bubble Shine Dress

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haha I love that first black dress...

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