Wednesday, July 29, 2009

~ What Should I Cosplay As? ~

I have always wanted to cosplay, but never had the chance. I was sad when my friends all cosplayed at the recent anime convention and Baltimore when I was in Chicago. They all looked so good! Fortunately, there's another one coming up in New York in about 2 months so I am going to go! Now...the big first step is to decide who I want to be.

My fiance is going with me and he only wants to be a character from Bleach. After some discussion, he decided that he wants to be Grimmjow. The costume is simple enough. He will just need to work a little bit harder to solidify his 6-pack. Bad boys are so hot! :D

So, of course I want to match him. Though, I am not a big fan of the Bleach female costumes. My number choice for Bleach is Nell. She's such a hottie!

But...her uniform is not that cute.

Though I guess I can wear her other outfit. That's really hot. This is like the best Nell cosplay I have seen and it's all over the web. I will have to do 1000 sit ups a day and not eat any fatty foods for 2 months to wear something like that though.

Next up is Matsumoto. I don't think I can get my .... upper body to be like hers though.

The uniform is cute though!

Then, there's always Inoue. I like her arrancar uniform.

But, I really want to do Final Fantsy. Yuna has a few cute outfits.
This one is cute! It's nice and colorful.

Though, I think I would like this outfit more.

Then there's Rinoa.

A hotter version...

The easiest version....

I would be Lulu...but this is a very expensive costume. About $200!

Or, I can just do the easiest costume ever and be Asuka from Evangelion. I'll get to wear a yellow dress! Just need a wig and those red things in her hair and I am set. Ok, maybe blue contacts, but I doubt I can get blue contacts with my prescription.

Who should I be??

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pxyjk said...

Meh. Both Rinoa costumes are horrible. I'm not a huge fan of Yuna. I like Inoue, but she looks best dressed normally or what she wore after she got a change of clothes in the middle of rescuing Rukia. Although Grimjaw did push and boss around Inoue a lot when she was an Arrancar. :P Asuka is too lazy. When you go take pics of everyone.

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