Thursday, July 2, 2009

~ My Wedding: Color Scheme Dilemma ~

I am obsessed with yellow. So, for sure, one of my wedding colors is going to be yellow. So, I started looking on google and found a few pictures.

From Pretty pretty!! Love the bouqet.

From the yellow sash on the dress.

Everything is lovely! But I wonder if it's too yellow? I made a pair of yellow and blue earrings before and I like how it turns out so I am thinking of adding blue.

Here's a collage I found on It's a little too blue though. But I like it a lot. Very fresh!

I also may do lavendar or some kind of purple because it's kinda my second favorite color. I didn't find any wedding collages, but found some color palettes on
I am leaning towards the blue and yellow at the moment. What do you think?


icylotusgirl said...

I don't think they are too yellow or too blue! they look great. should go with yellow because u love yellow!

...fairyland said...

i think yellow with a touch of blue!:)

polka-dotter said...

i think yellow and blue would look great, and they would still be really pretty colors to look at night as well :) that reminds me, i just saw this cute picture of blue lemonade at a wedding on this site that shows wedding photos of food :)


Joyce said...

Everyone likes yellow and blue :) I think that combo wins! Just need final approval from the fiance hehe

sheila all that food looks so good! love the blue lemonade!

Gwen Paja said...

love the yellow! (noting on my imaginary wedding planning handbook)

Don't forget to follow the new blog!

Erica Leigh said...

i was never into yellow before, but now it's growing on me! those images are quite inspiring.

anyway, you've been tagged! share 10 facts + tag 10 others. ♥

Jeff said...

What a marvelous purple fashion set! especially purple handbag.

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