Friday, July 17, 2009

~ Family, Fireworks, Food ~

Sorry for being MIA! I was busy eating with my family in Toronto. I love visiting Toronto because it's so much like Hong Kong. It's like an expensive version of Hong Kong, shopping wise, but food is just as awesome and almost as cheap.

I haven't gone in a few years. It just happened that two of my uncles and a cousin from Hong Kong were in Montreal for a fireworks competition. They are pyro technicians. Sounds cool doesn't it? So, I decided to go up to visit my aunt and other family members in Toronto and check out Montreal. What a wonderful trip!

Here's why I gained....a few pounds in the 5 days that I was there:

First night, seafood feast! 3 lobsters for $22 (Candian dollars). My aunt just steamed the crab, whole and then put it in the fridge to chill. Same with the lobster I think. We call it "Cold Crab".

Just to give you an idea of how big the crabs were...

Always taste better when eating with your hands right?

I don't eat this, but they said it was good....

Next day I had to I hung out at the bubble tea cafe that my cousin works at.
Bubble tea plus peanut butter and condensed milk toast. The one on the back is tuna salad toast.

Red bean and tofu smoothie. A lot better than I expected.

Lunch is served.... Chinese roast pork, roast duck with rice and noodles. Can you believe this is just food from the food court? I think it's little mall is called Marketplace? It's next to Pacific Mall.

The skin was so crispy. The meat was so tender!

My aunt is awesome. She packed a huge bag of snacks for the ride to Montreal!

Chinese beef jerky with fruit juice. It's super tender and so juicy and tasty! I ate a lot of this. Love it! I was sad that I can't bring this back to the US.

Tiny egg roll like snacks.

Special lollipoops. Even my mom ate a few. I love mine....cola flavor.

The firework event took place at La Ronde, Six Flags Theme park in Montreal. It rained that day so we didn't get to do much, but there's always time to eat! This place is awesome! I would go back to six flags just to eat there. I think it's kinda like crepes.

Look at the cute displays!

My aunt got this yummy one...a little bit spicy.

I got this one. Chicken salsa. It was so good! Juicy, but not soggy. The pancake/wrap is just a little bit sweet and contrast well with the chicken and salsa.

We didn't have room or time for dessert. Wish we did though :(

So, the firework display was for about 25 minutes. It basically rained/poured the whole time. See the raincoats? We had 1 umbrella to share between 6 of us.

It was spectacular though! I was in awe! I am so proud of my uncles and my cousin for putting together such beautiful pyro magic. Here's a short video:

More pictures to come later!


Amanda said...

Wow- it looks like you had a blast!
The food is making my mouth water... Yum!

I don't know if I could eat those crabs though- they look like they could have ME for dinner!!!

pxyjk said...

Wow. That banana dessert crepe looks really really good.

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