Wednesday, July 8, 2009

~ Forever21 Dresses Haul #2 ~

Just got my 2nd order of the summer from Forever 21. I am slightly disappointed, because 2 of the dresses I got are shorter than I imagined. I only got 4 dresses because I figured that if I need to return stuff, I can use the store credit to buy again and I only needed 4 dresses to get free shipping.

Daydream Floral Maxi Dress
This is the one I am going to keep for sure. Very soft, very flowy, very light, very comfy. You know how I love yellow. And yes, I am going to wear this to work. Sneak a peek at Momo :)

Marigold Chiffon Floral Dress
This one, I love! But, it's a little bit short. If I still go clubbing, I would keep it. But, those days are behind me. I have nowhere to wear this to and I doubt my fiance will let me out the door wearing that :) I do have another dress with these flowers on it that I love. It is also a little bit tight. I can barely zip it up. LOVE it but gotta return it. I will try on a medium if they have it at the store and if it's a lil bit longer, I....may exchange it :)

Lustrous Ruffle Halter Dress
I know I shouldn't have gotten this one 'cause that's not the kind of neckline that I can support. But, the color looked so nice and it looks like such a fun dress! It is a very fun dress, though sadly, it's loose! What is up with that?? This type of halter needs to be tight! Back to the store this goes.

Gina Gathered Dress
This is not a dress! It is so short! I am wearing shorts underneath it. It's not as soft as I imagined too. I do like it, but I really need to wear shorts or leggings underneath that. I haven't decided if I am going to return this yet. It's only like $16. Decisions, decisions.

I hope I get a chance to return them tomorrow so I can start my next order. All the dresses I ordered are size small, in case you are curious and I usually wear a size 4. And please excuse the boxes in the pictures, I don't have anywhere else to take the pictures or to put the boxes.

Very excited about tomorrow. Going to be heading to Toronto!


_Mari_ said...

oooooooo that yellow one is soo cute

pxyjk said...

Isn't the dark pink one as short as the yellow floral one? Anyways, I like the purple dress. Then again I admit to having little to no fashion sense.

Sarahkate said...

I really like the pink one! Great colors.

PonderandStitch said...

Absolutely gorgeous dresses!! I like the first two (the yellow ones) best. Lovely!


icylotusgirl said...

i like the 2nd yellow dress most!! although i dont like yellow much, that dress has the best color and design:)

shells said...

Wow, cute dresses! We don't have Forever 21 here in Australia, and now I wish we did! think you look fantastic in all of them, especially the first one. I want that purple one!

The Rich Ant said...

OMG I need that purple one in my life that is so sexy and my absolutely most favorite color in the entire universe. All of them look very nice on you. Unfortunately I will have to wear a cardigan because I hate showing my flappy arms.

mumbo said...

Hi Joyce,
how do I get ahold of you? I'm working on some creativity + tech stuff, and you seem like you'd be interested in some of the ideas.

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Beth said...

Love the maxi dress-it looks so pretty and summery on you. I also like the other yellow and purple one. I hope you can find your sizes, the colors are so pretty on you.

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