Tuesday, September 1, 2009

~ Swarovski Crystallized Elements 2010/2011 Launch ~

I am always excited to see the new Swarovski Elements launch every season. I just got an email from Harman Beads about this season's new Elements and I like what I see! Pictures are small and limited as I can't find any information about this launch from the official Swarovski site. But anyways, here are the colors...

Cyclamen Opal What is Cyclamen? It's a flower. I am guess it's going to be a pinker version of the rose water opal.

Metallic Lt Gold Maybe a deeper gold than golden shadow?

Greige Ok, I had to look it up. Greige means fabric before it's dyed. It's a common term in the textile industry. Looks like gray.

Coral Pearls This I am not so sure about...maybe I am just not a big fan of the coral color.

Fish pendant and bead This, I just love. Looks like the fish of Christ doesn't it? I am definitely going to get some of these.

The Navette pendant Navette is French for shuttle. Interesting name. I love this pendant. It's so very, very classy. This will be great for bridal collections.

The Divine Rock This looks like a more sophisticated version of the rock pendant that came out last winter. It looks like this one also has that frosted edge.

Chessboard bead This is nice. I can imagine about 7 of these connected through simple loops for a necklace.

Filigrees and more Ooo this looks like a lot of fun!!! My wallet will be hurting even if I want just one of each.

As you can see, my imagination is already running wild. According to the email I got, Swarovski factories won't be shipping these till the end of September. I can't wait!


Erin said...

How gorgeous, thank you for sharing! I agree with you, I'm not a huge fan of the coral pearls, but I do love the Navette Pendant I can definitely see a lot of possibilities with that one!

pxyjk said...

I think the Navette and the chessboard can be interesting to use in jewelry.

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