Tuesday, September 22, 2009

~ Good Bye Obi ~

By the time you read this, Obi is probably home with his family and Momo is probably moping on the couch, not understanding why his playmate is gone. It's true. Obi is going home in about 30 mins. I will be mopping the floors tomorrow because he has peed all over the place. It's ok. He's not used to my place so it's forgivable. At least he has learned to circle by the door to indicate that he needs to poop. I would also like to thank Momo for letting me know when Obi peed on the floor. Thanks Momo, for running into your crate whenever Obi had accidents. Makes it so much easier to avoid stepping into puddles.

In the short 2 weeks, he has claimed his favorite napping spot under the dining room table. This is really how he sleeps. And he has dreams! He is always yelping and twitching when he's napping. Maybe he's dreaming about chasing Momo around.

This reminds me of the days when Momo used to nap under the table too.

When Obi first arrived, he doesn't like his crate. It took me 15 minutes to put him in his crate the first time. Now, he will go in if I put him in front of his crate. He actually goes into Momo's crate sometimes too....when Momo is in it.

Obi is also very strong and brave. I don't think Momo learned to jump on the couch till he was close to a year old. Obi can jump on and off as easily as Momo now. Ok...Momo is a wimp. I admit it.

And this is what happens if they are not sleeping......constantly wrestling each other! Sometimes I get scared that they are going to hurt each other, but not one scratch on them...that I can see anyway. (Facebook friends, please view original post to see the video. It's cute!)

Well, it's been fun. But, I have decided that I am not getting another dog till Momo is gone. Potty training sucks!


pxyjk said...

Maybe you should keep Obi and give them Momo instead. :)

Ruby Mountain Beads said...


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