Tuesday, September 8, 2009

~ An Old-School Bedbugs Solution ~

My dad was telling me how there is a huge bedbug infestation in New York right now and sure enough, I see a few articles about the infestation in New York times and CNN. Now, I don't think I have bedbugs, but I totally feel the victim's pain. I attract mosquitoes like no tomorrow and I get at least a few mosquito bites a week, even if I am inside 95% of the time. I get bites just walking to my car. I hate these random itchy spots!

The article in New York Times, says that you can tell if there are bedbugs if you see "tiny black specks of excrement or perhaps a blood stain on the sheet if the sleeper happened to land on a well-fed bug". Also, you can eliminate them by calling the professionals or leaving your furniture in the sun or in freezing cold for a few days to starve them to death.

Now, here's a little old-school wisdom from my dad. When he was a boy, he lived in very poor areas in Hong Kong and there wasn't bedbug infestations. It was just common, everyday nuisance of life. They had no money to hire exterminators and buy new furniture. But, they had a stick.

A stick???? Yes, a stick with small holes drilled into it. He said he had one next to his bed and every night before he went to bed, he took the stick out and tap it against the floor a few times. The bed bugs would fall out and he would squash them all. The logic is that bedbugs like to hide in small places close to the bed. Those holes are perfect for them and creates a perfect trap.

I know...."ewwwwwwwwwww". But, I think it would be a good way to tell whether you have bedbugs or not. You don't have to squash them, just prove that you have bedbugs and use other methods to exterminate them. I guess if you do this often enough, you will eventually kill them all.

Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite~!


SKayylove said...

lol thats so funny a trap? hahah i heard about this on oprah a few yrs back and her solution was washing your sheets once a week or every 2 weeks :)

pxyjk said...

That's an interesting idea.

Calvin said...

Not a bad idea, the logic seems to follow. I did do a little sluething on the problem I found a pretty a decent resource for those interested and not grossed out: www.bedbugcentral.com

A lot of info on what they are and how to take care of them!

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