Wednesday, September 2, 2009

~ Pay It Forward on Etsy ~

I listed my first PIF (pay it forward) item today. PIF items usually cost only shipping and listing fee, which means the item is free! After purchase, the buyer is supposed to list a PIF item in their shop or perform a random act of kindness for someone. Here's my first PIF item, made from beads I got from glittercritter, who graciously sent me supplies for free when one of my suppliers refused to refund or send me my backordered items.

I was looking through Etsy and found some awesome PIFs. I must admit that there are some PIF listings on Etsy that are not really PIFs. These are all true to the PIF spirit though. Take a look!

From MissBettyLou, PIF Fuschia Pearl Earrings

From shegreetstheday, An Apple for Life Keychain

Wisdom Earrings

From PoshWashsoap, Bubble Yum Lip Balm

Mineral Eye Shadow

From Orglamix, mineral eye shadow

From Thebarefootshaman, Super Sioux Tomato Hierloom seeds

Remember to pay if forward!


Dionne said...

Oooohhhh.. PIF means Pay It Forward!!! I had no idea. I saw your post on Etsy saying PIF, but had no idea what you meant!

Your dog is so cute, by the way!

Jaswinder said...

Gorgeous items, Great blog with great shops.

Reese said...

Keep us posted. Always wondered how PIF worked

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