Friday, September 18, 2009

~ Detox Phase 1 Completed ~

Just something I found when I Etsy-searched Detox. Click on picture to go to the listing.

I started a detox regimen. Why? Because two of my friends tried it and they said they haven't had migraines since the regimen. That's a huge plus for me. Side effects? Weight loss. Ha. Ok, I think they sell this as a weight loss/detox thing, but I am just doing it for detoxing. I don't have the perfect body, but I won't torture myself just to be thinner. Wait, I didn't mean to say that detox is torture...Seriously, I do believe that detoxing is good for people. So, I figure I will try it out. It's a 9 day treatment and it costs money. I won't tell you what it is till after I am done and I see the results.

Basically, for the past two days, I didn't eat regular food. I drank this juice 4 times a day, had chocolate-flavored snacks 6 times a day, plus 2 pills that is an "accelerator" to "kindle your matabolism for burning fat safely". Oooo and I drank like gallons of water. About 250mL an hour.

The Good
First, the positives. I actually only felt hungry twice. Maybe it's because I am drinking so much water. But, honestly, I really didn't feel that hungry. When I did feel hungry, it's mostly when I am thinking about food, like making dinner plans for tomorrow and playing Restaurant City on Facebook. I wanted to eat for sure, but not like starving hungry. But, keep in mind that I am the kind that can skip lunch because I forget to eat.

I don't feel as tired as I usually do. About every other day, I get really, really fatigued in the middle of the day and I can seriously fall asleep sitting up. Didn't feel that way for the past two days.

The Bad
Ok, it's not really bad. But, the juice does not taste good. It doesn't taste horrible, but I won't drink it if I didn't pay for it and it isn't good for me. It's slightly tart, not sweet at all. If you ever tasted raw aloe, it's like a very watered down version of that. It does have aloe in it, so maybe it's good that it tastes like raw aloe?

Yesterday, 3 bright red pimples showed up on my face. I don't know if it's related though. I do get pimples every once in a while and I think it's just hormonal. But usually, they are not this angry red. Supposedly, it is normal for bad stuff to happen to you while you are detoxing. It's like all the toxin is trying to get out and acting up one last time.

Last thing is that I feel bad for not being able to eat with my dad. That's usually when we bound and talk over what happened during the day and him bestowing onto me all his infinite wisdom. He ate in front of me a few times, but, like right now as I am typing this in the dining room, he is eating instant noodles in the kitchen. Isn't he sweet? I think he's being nice and not tempting me with food, though I know he's just lazy sometimes and like to eat from the pot on the stove.

I didn't weight myself yesterday. We don't have a working scale at home! But, I did weigh myself recently at a friend's place and I will be going there tomorrow so we'll see what it says. My mom who is also doing this detox thing said she lost 5 lbs! Yea, it can be water weight blah blah blah. We'll see if she can keep the weight off after the regimen.

Ok, so the cynical side of me is constantly calling myself stupid. I paid money to do this to myself. Duh. All I am doing is not eating, of course I will loose weight!!! I think part of that may be true. But, I think another part that will help someone loose weight and maintain the weight is very psychological. I heard somewhere that it takes a few days to break a habit, but those few days are hard. So, imagine you are someone who's addicted to sweet drinks or bad snacks or huge dinners. Then, you got convinced to start this regimen, you paid a good amount of money for it, so you will follow it. And given a schedule and a purpose, it's much easier to follow then just say, "don't eat snacks". So, even if the juice and pill does nothing physical for you, it helps you break your bad food habits.

Well, phase 2 starts tomorrow. It'll be 5 glorious day of regular food! Well, 1 regular meal and some light snacks throughout the day and 2 shakes that came with the package. The schedule says I am only supposed to have lunch, but since I am not trying to loose weight, I can eat more than the schedule says. My dad is already planning out what to make for lunch. Yay~!


Beth said...

I'll be interested to see how this goes. The part about not getting migraines interests me-especially since I'm on day 2 of one right now. I know what you mean about habits. If I can get through 4ish days of not snacking, then I'm fine.

Good Luck!

pxyjk said...

enjoy your lunches :)

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