Wednesday, September 9, 2009

~ Sneak Peek of Obi ~

Just got home from a wedding. On a wednesday? Yes, it's a special day because today is 09-09-09! So, needless to say, I am dead tired. But, I just wanted to show you all my new puppy~!

Of course, I can't forget Momo! And my mom wanted to join in too.

Ok...a serious one with my mom.

Ok, Obi is not mine. I am just dogsitting for about 2 weeks. I actually took some good (well....that's very subjective....) candid shots of them with the DSLR. I will be posting that sometime this week.

I am also very happy to have passed the 100 sales mark!!! That's a big milestone for me. I hope 200 will come along soon! :D

1 comment:

pxyjk said...

Obi is cuter than Momo. Congrats on your 100th sale. :)

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