Tuesday, September 15, 2009

~ My Secret Love For Durian ~

I say it's a secret love because it's not something a lot of people know about me. Actually, I don't think anyone goes around saying "I love durian!". People may say "I love strawberries" and everyone gets this sweet look on their faces. Strawberries are so cute and sweet. Durians? Well...it's definitely not cute and it doesn't even smell nice. I would say 8 out of 10 people probably just says "ewwww" when someone mentions durian.

But, I love it. And my mom loves it too. So, every time she visits me, we'll get one. Well, I always have to wait for her because I don't know how to open it and I can't finish one by myself. If only I live in Toronto where they sell frozen packaged durian...yummm......Anyway, here's the process to open it. First, you get a huge knife and hit it a couple of time at the tip (completely away from the stem). Be careful how you are holding it.

Then you'll notice natural splits in the skin and you just pull it open.

Then you put all the yumminess in a bowl.

Make sure you can all the tasty little morsels.

Repeat for all pockets.

Done! By the way, we had to do it outside because my dad and fiance hates the smell. When I went to Thailand, there were signs everywhere that says "no Durian" inside the hotels. Yeah, they don't want to scare away the tourists I guess.

And just to be clear, I don't like durian because it's yellow. It just tastes really good. It's very rich and creamy. I has a lot of fructose, so don't eat it if you are diabetic. My mom says durian is considered to be "hot air" and eating too much is not good for you. But, if you want to balance out the "hot air", you can pour some water in one of the pockets and drink the water from the pocket. I just eat the yellow stuff. :)


Lisa Kate said...

I've never heard/seen this before but I want one NOW!! Me and my husband are always eating weird looking fruits and veggies just cause it makes us laugh :o) It looks really hard to open though!

Joyce said...

Lisa Kate,

If you live in NYC, LA, SF, Vancouver, or Toronto, you can probably find frozen packaged durian in Chinatown or international grocery stores. That still tastes really good and you won't have to deal with opening it :)

Tea said...

:( I actually can't stand the smell of durian... it's very strong. Frozen maybe is fine, but I can't keep the idea of that smell out of my head hehe maybe I just have to try eating it more often...

Ruby Mountain Beads said...

I've seen Anthony Bourdain eat durian on one of his shows once. He mentioned the unpleasant smell. Now I am really interested to see just how bad it smells, and how good it tastes!

pxyjk said...

Oh the smell. The smell kills any desire to eat it. Well if its frozen durian I'm sure some boba place or tea place might be able to order it.

Alison Arif said...

I have never heard of this before! As you say it doesn't look very attractive so I will take your word for it that it tastes nice :)

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