Saturday, September 5, 2009

~ Last Forever 21 Summer Haul ~

This was my last Forever shopping spree. I don't like to buy winter clothes so won't be shopping much any more. Besides, I have to save up for my upcoming trip to Hong Kong. :D So, here's a look at last purchases from Forever 21 for the year. Ok, maybe I'll get something else later. I do have store credit....

First...this cute, sexy skirt! I don't think I would ever wear it for a normal event. But, I think thinking it can pass for a good Halloween costume. My beautiful friend tried it on with a white shirt and it looks strangely French-maid-ish. It's also a little bit short for me. I love it, but I may have to return it.

This is sexy! I am ready for the next girls night out!

This is sexy too. I love all that lace, even though I usually don't wear something so extravagant. I love it 'cause it makes me feel like a vampire. Hot!

Ok back to work clothes.....This floral skirt is a perfect transition from summer to fall.

I love this shirt! So comfy!!!!

That's it. Not bad right? I also got two...undergarments, but they are so small! I don't think they are returnable, so I need to give them to someone. Anyone a size XS out there?


Erin said...

That purple dress is gorgeous! I may have to visit forever 21... not that I have any money left, I just completed my Labor Day shopping spree at the GAP!

pxyjk said...

The first one is a skirt? The purple dress looks a lot like your yellow dress. I like the blue top the best.

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