Wednesday, September 16, 2009

~ Sexy Halloween Costumes ~

So a few of my sexy friends already picked out their costumes and they are tempting me to pick one out too. They pointed me to this site that has a lot of choices called I like a few of them, but I think they are all way too sexy for me (well, for my fiance). I know Halloween is the time for girls to dress as sexy as they want and for guys to cross dress....but still...

Here are my choices so far:
Vampires Even before this whole twilight phase, I love vampires. They are so strong and bold and sexy. I think this one is very pretty! Love the purple....

This one is sharp.

This one is long......that's the only reason I am considering it.

Japanese Of other obsession...I think I like the pink one the most.

Yellow Belle is my favorite princess!

I am sad that there aren't more nice, yellow costumes. I may just wear something black and get some vampire teeth. Nice and easy :)


shells said...

Man, I wish we had a huge Halloween here in Australia! It's exactly my kind of holiday - I've always loved anything spooky or supernatural. I with you on the vampire thing - and I love the purple outfit the best. I'd love to see photos of whatever you choose!

J Alejandro said...

Oh My God! I just love sexy costumes! I this are so cute! Choose me for a gift!

pxyjk said...

The Japanese blue one looks more like a ninja, but its a cool costume.

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