Monday, September 7, 2009

~ Weekend Beadathon ~

I had a big order for a bridal party: 5 Stardust bracelets in silver and sapphire. Doesn't sound like a lot right? Well, let's just say that I wirewrapped about 300 crystals this weekend. But every time I finish one, I am so happy! The bride picked out great colors and the bracelets look so pretty!

I didn't have much time to make new items for my shop this weekend, but I did make some simple charms for all your gadgets. These are all made out of lampwork glass charms with braided phone straps. First...the loving sheeps.....

The nerd and the girlfriend....aren't these chicks so cute?

I say this guy looks like a jock. The jock and the cheerleader?

Cute as a button pandas....

It's harvest time, so of course there's pumpkins, corn and other yumminess.

At last, Mr. Owl.

I love these charms and I will be listing them in my shop soon. If you want one that's a single instead of a couple or a different combination of charms, let me know. I will be happy to make one that's perfect for you!


Kym said...

300 crystals?!?! =S the colors do look great though! and loveee the nerd and his girlfriend! hahaha!

pxyjk said...

I see you used your ds lite...The pandas are cute, but do they have penguins?

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