Thursday, September 24, 2009

~ Detox Phase 2 Completed ~

detox tea blend from thelooseleaf on Etsy (note: this is not what I am using to detox right now)

After living through 2 days of fasting for phase 1, I was ready for phase 2. Phase 2 involves juice, milk shakes, regular food and metabolism accelerating pill. Yay for real food! Surprisingly though, I didn't even eat when I first got up. I just had the milk shake and waited till lunch. Not even one snack.

If you are using this detox regimen for weight loss, then you are only supposed to have 1 full meal a day. The other 2 meals, you have the shakes instead. Do I want to loose weight? Sure, but I want to eat. Food is my friend. So, I had light lunches and dinners along with the shakes. It's not my fault really. My friends just happen to schedule outings at Timpano and Yuraku while I am in phase 2. I can't just say no!

Can you eat anything you want? Well, you can. But, the program highly encourage you not to eat a lot of sugar, fats and carbohydrates. So, I just cut back on the rice. I actually had a brownie yesterday. I couldn't resist.

So far, I have lost about 5 pounds. I don't see a difference in my body but I don't really notice these things. No headaches so far. No asthma symptoms (I have seasonal asthma, very mild). Everything else feels normal. Just two more days for phase 3, which is identical to phase 1. That means no eating again today and tomorrow. Argh....and I forgot the snacks at home today so I just didn't eat anything at all today. I am feeling a little bit hungry, so I think I am going to reward myself with 2 snacks when I get home.

Just some more results. My fiance's brother completed the program and lost 10 pounds. My fiance completed the program and...I don't know what happened there. He didn't weigh himself before he started. I did take a picture of him, topless though. We will compare later :) My mom is on her last day and she said she lost about 5 lbs also. Stay tuned for more results after the weekend!


pxyjk said...

Do you think all the effort is worth what you have gained? Is there a phase past 3?

formingnewsights said...

wow, thanks for posting my detox tea! I also offer a weight loss tea!

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