Sunday, September 13, 2009

~ Tag Heuer Link ~

It's my fiance's big 30th birthday today! I didn't get him a present yet. Well, I told him what I want to get for him, but I didn't know exactly which one he would like. So, we are going to pick it out together later this week. Here's what he has narrowed it down to...

Tag Heuer Link Calibre S chronograph

Tag Heuer Link Automatic chronograph

Calibre 36 chronometer

So, any opinions? Where would you get this from? I usually shop online, but I have never bought watches before. I saw these on Amazon. Is that a good place or should I get it at the mall so if anything happens to it, I can bring it back?

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pxyjk said...

That's a nice gift offer..its very Korean. In more traditional Korean culture when a couple gets married the wife gets the ring, but the woman buys the man a watch.

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