Monday, September 21, 2009

~ Tag Heuer Link Automatic Chronograph ~

Yay, it's here! After shopping around for a little bit at the mall and online, I found that Amazon has the best deal on this watch. I was so surprised! It was fast shipping too.

I even wrapped it since it is a birthday present.

I don't know much about watches, but this one is a little bit thick! Supposedly, it's because it is automatic so it has that extra stuff on the back.

Look at within a box.

And what's with this thick manual? It's just a watch!

Looks nice doesn't it :D

The only down side with ordering online is that we have to figure out how to take extra links out because it's way too big as is. He says he likes it though and that's all that matters.


Ruby Mountain Beads said...

you're a maker of jewelry! you can size that watch yourself. look on the sides for little holes with pins in them. push out the pins, remove the links, put the pins back in. easy as pie! nice watch btw..

Joyce said...

haha i guess i can do that...but i m just scared! what if i scratch it!

Ruby Mountain Beads said...

i know, my husband gave me a really nice watch for Christmas one year and my mother in law just about passed out watching me resize it.

pxyjk said...

Don't do it yourself. Go google for a good watch repair shop near you and ask them to remove the links. It will cost you some cash, but get it done right. I mean what if someone does a bad job and scratches the finish or compromise the structural integreity?

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