Friday, November 20, 2009

~ Momo in the Lightbox ~

The sun has been pretty undependable lately. So, I dusted off my light box and started taking pictures with that. It works very well for my supplies! I was going to make some jewelry tonight but I just remembered that I got some owl pendants and I really want to put them in my supplies shop.

While I was grabbing the next set of owls to take pictures, Momo sneaked into my light box. Well, he can't fit in it, but he certainly did try.

And when he realized that he can't fit in it, he just lied there and didn't want to move. This picture was taken with automatic settings with my Canon.

These are using my manual setting that I use to take pictures of the supplies.

Yes, I am back to my Canon for now. I like the DSLR with sunlight, but I don't want to bother reading the manual to figure out how to set it for the lightbox. Besides, I think it's just fine for te supplies right?

Look at those pretty brown eyes! You think he's trying to tell me something? Don't worry, after I finished taking pictures, I played with him for a while, then fed him and hugged him and kissed him. He's so cute!!!

1 comment:

pxyjk said...

The pictures of Momo came out nice. He actually looks like a well behaved dog.

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